Brazilian Woman Brutally Stabbed And Beheaded

Alrighty now.. we got something different from Brazil. We see dudes getting beheaded in Brazil constantly, but we rarely get to see a woman beheaded. I have zero info but as soon as I get any I will update the post. A woman in a hoochie shirt is shown sitting on the ground in front of a man who has his face covered and a machete in his hand. The man starts to cut into the woman’s neck as another man starts stabbing her. I don’t know what the F that is that comes out of her neck after she is stabbed. @LittleFoot and I debated over this for quite a while and we’ve come to the conclusion that we need a volunteer so we can experiment and find out what this is, it’s definitely not blood. Maybe puke? The beheading is pretty quick though, and they throw up some lame ass gang signs after to show how hardcore they are beheading a chick. But, #equalrights and all.

UPDATE: The woman murdered was 19-year-old… yes 19.. Debora Bessa. She went missing on January 9, 2018.. and her remains were found buried in a shallow grave on January 13th. Debora recorded a video(below) of herself ..stating that she was leaving the drug gang she was in because she wanted to better her life for her five-year-old daughter. She was killed by members of Comando Vermelho.

Thanks to @MrsPink for the update and video.

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91 thoughts on “Brazilian Woman Brutally Stabbed And Beheaded

  1. I think we can hear the exact moment the trachea is severed and the air being exhaled from her lungs is no longer passing through her vocal cords. After the second stab her scream kinda fades and then no more sound. Eerie 😯

  2. Awww, how horrible, she looks like a mom, being Brazil and all, maybe a grandma. Those babacas that did this terrible deed to mom jeans should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. I wonder how these guys get their victims out in the woods like this. Do they just pull up to ’em and say “let’s take a ride, we gots to talk”?

  4. This update just goes to show you that when you want out, then just get the hell out with all your loved ones and don’t tell anybody or make a video of it. Make yourself go missing!
    They’ll just think you were kidnapped and murdered or something, and then probably won’t pursue you.

  5. @mrspink, Now that we have the update r/t her remains being found in a shallow grave, I wonder if the broken ground she was sitting on when she was murdered was another shallow grave. And, btw, thanks for all the cool videos! Where do you find all the great ones? I can never find any like the ones you send to rigoremortis.

  6. She went to her grave with the same shorts in both videos. Common sense would tell you not to go announce it to the world that you are leaving the gang, etc. etc. She got killed because she didn’t have any. Shame.

    She’s 19 and has a 5 year old? Wow….14 year old mama.

  7. Just read her killers got caught. I could somewhat read portuguese. Apparently she wasn’t so innocent and investigators found evidence (videos/photos) of her involvment in two executions on the rival gang that killed her. The guy claims it was a revenge killing.

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