Soooo Much Pus

Oh Jesus.. the dirty hands on this guy almost make me cringe as much as the river of pus did. Here is a guy that clearly has a massive abscess on his hip/ass that needs to be drained. But Mr. Genius had the smart idea of, well, fuck the ER and doctor.. I’m gonna drain this shit myself. And that’s what he does. I don’t know anything about the man but I’d bet that he is a junkie and that this was caused due to a dirty needle, seeing as he has several marks on him in the same area. IV addicts sometimes have to resort to shooting up in the muscle after most of their veins have collapsed. I could be wrong though. In any case, what the hell is he thinking touching it with those nasty ass hands?! No banana pudding for me today.

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20 thoughts on “Soooo Much Pus

  1. I don’t think you’re wrong @yournextexgirl,
    my uncle had the same thing going on with his ankles, due to the needle.
    That ankle was so fat and shiny looking, it was dying to be drained.

    For this guy, I guess it would be pretty humiliating to just stroll into a hospital and say you need your ass cheek drained.

  2. Just add some bananas and there’s breakfast for ya. Looks like he’s living in a motor home. Must be one of the new breed of homeless people infesting the streets with their 5th hand, junkyard motor homes here in LAโ€ฆ The drug recovery addicts who come to California to get sober from the other States but run out of insurance and get dumped on the streets here. The libtards here love turning California into a shithole. Makes ’em feel virtuous.

  3. That is SOOOOO FUCKING GROSS nextie!! Yuck,yuck,yuckkkkk! I used to use needles too,but i NEVER had this happen to me,EVER,ugh!! Him eating his fingers though,sick as fuck yo! He must have thought it would taste like chicken,or banana pudding!! ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜– many thanks @yournextexgirl I no longer want dinner now..ewww!

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