Man Murdered In Front Of Crowd Celebrating Soccer Win

A shitload of crazy ass jumping Brazilians were celebrating a soccer/football/whatever win, when a man took advantage of all the chaos and shot another man to death. As the crowd is jumping around.. he comes from out of nowhere and shoots the guy. The victim falls to the ground and is shot several more times. No one around seems to care. They just casually walk away like it ain’t no big deal.. even the children act like nothing happened. No info on who the man was or why he was shot. The killer has not yet been caught.

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22 thoughts on “Man Murdered In Front Of Crowd Celebrating Soccer Win

  1. In USA, we call the game where players sock each other with their hands “football” and the game using the feet “soccer “. If football is a religion, that guy just had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment.

    • HaHa! It truly was GAME OVER for Senhor DaSilva de Flip Flop. But God is always on each team’s side. God answers all prayers, sometimes the answer is no.

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