Little Piggy Gets Murdered

Little Piggy Gets Murdered

Another Monday is upon us which means it’s time for medical shit. Now we’ve covered toe amputations before here but it’s an awesome video that @yournextexgirl sent so I think it’s worth watching another. The patient has an infected toe that needs to be removed and the big toe is already gone. Those toenails are nasty as hell and I can’t tell if that’s natural or from the cleaning soap before the surgery. The doc cuts around the toe then goes in with his big fancy tool to cut through the bone of the toe. Did anyone else think he was a total asshole when he said ‘no talking from the audience’? How rude. After hearing a nice little crunch he rips off the ‘this little piggy stayed home’ and now the patient is down to three. From those looks of those toenails those aren’t gonna last much longer either.

Thank you to our Nextie!!!!

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19 thoughts on “Little Piggy Gets Murdered

  1. Looks like a toenail fungus problem there as well. It does make me wonder if severe candida overgrowth contributed to this condition.
    As for the “no talking from the audience” guy, ya, he kinda sounded like he had a toe up his ass or something.

  2. This usually happens in threes. Just wait until he fouls another pitch off his front foot like that. They say that’s the worst one. He’ll be right as rain by the time pitchers and catchers report!

    “Sittin’ downtown @ the railway station, one toe over the line.”

  3. Oh man, I read that headline all wrong. I was ready to go off on the citizen killers faceplanting a 17 old girl in handcuffs, those oinking POS’s! 😉

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