Man’s Fingers Barely Hanging On After Machete Chop

Ugh, I can watch anything and not even flinch… anything except these kinds of videos. I cringe like a bitch when I see anything like fingers/hands/feet/legs get chopped off. I am guessing this man stole something to warrant this punishment. This is usually the punishment for a thief in countries like Brazil. He was a brave little soldier though. Lays his fingers on the table ready to get chopped off. Only they didn’t get chopped off, they’re still barely hanging on. Mr. Machete Man, you failed.

Thanks @MrsPink!

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9 thoughts on “Man’s Fingers Barely Hanging On After Machete Chop

  1. lol at the end
    “Can you take me to a hospital at least?”
    “No, we won’t”
    *walks away*

    These videos are always from the same gang it seems, they always mention the number three “we are The Three”, they always say that.

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