Two Men Brutally Murdered: One Beheaded And The Other Butchered Alive

Well, it’s been a little while since we have had a really brutal video come out of Mexico but I guess they wanted to give us a late Christmas present. The video shows two men one older and one younger as they are tied up and questioned. First the older one is beheaded and you can hear how terrified the younger man is watching this happen and knowing he is next. The young guy gets it even worse when he is basically butchered alive. It is insanely brutal how they are literally cutting him up and skinning him while he is alive. It’s a long ass video, but crazy brutal the entire 8 minutes.

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67 thoughts on “Two Men Brutally Murdered: One Beheaded And The Other Butchered Alive

    • @re-pete

      That young man’s murder is, by far, the most brutal thing I have ever seen. BRUTAL. Lordy, I do hope that his family was talked out of watching this tape. And to think my last post reflects parents and whether or not they would choose to watch a tape of their family member dying. I kind of regret that now. (Kinda, I’d still watch it though.)

      • @countrygal1958
        I hear you! I only watched the beheading, but sure wasn’t gonna watch the kid go through that.
        Torture is a lot tougher to watch rather than just getting to the point of an execution.

        About the videos, I’m sure many wouldn’t want to see the videos of their loved ones getting killed.
        Especially if they’re really close to you.
        I certainly couldn’t and wouldn’t do it.

        • @re-pete

          I hope you didn’t get the idea that I’d watch one of my son’s deaths. I could never do that.

          Sometimes I wonder why I even come here and watch the videos. Then I remember, “Oh yeah, that looks like the roadkill I had to help put back together well enough for a family to see them in the ER.”

          It always surprised me when I’d tell the family that the victim should absolutely not be viewed, but they want to anyway.

          • @countrygal1958
            Oh neck no, I know you wouldn’t watch that!

            Seeing the dangers in life in these videos can only help us become safer people.

            At least that’s the reason I use to keep coming back and watching them videos.

          • @re-pete ya can’t escape it…
            We humans were and will always be savage and evil.its in our hearts and DNA. from early man to Medieval times to 1800s,to 20th century. No amount of religion can’t stop it.they tried,it doesn’t work. The evil overtakes it,makes it a different entity that’s what ISIS is/Islam become. The “Aliens” who made us see this and decided to leave us be and not come back.

          • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman
            I can’t help but think how a zombie apocalypse would be very helpful to this planet.
            An out-of-control population spike will only create more evil.
            All we can do is be ready to protect ourselves from them because the evil is everywhere.

  1. Top Gore for surreal to watch in horror as a knife is lovingly plunged in & out & to see fat layers under one own skin..true terror at it’s finest..young man was very together not to piss himself on the onset of the end game..I wonder how the perps would re-act if the shoe was on the other foot🤔

  2. That is the scariest, most brutal, craziest, most brutal if I didn’t say it before, most awful shit I have ever seen in the decade of gore searching. I have never felt more sorry than for that poor kid than anyone. I had a LOW opinion of Mexico but guess I never really understood how fucking scary crazy Mexico is. What the fuck.

  3. Ok, now this shit truly fucked me up. I thought after all the shit I have seen and been through in my life that I could handle anything. All the years in prison (12), the violence. Saw a guard get his head cut off in a Federal Prison in Cali. When HIS fellow guards responded, one slipped in dudes blood and threw up all over himself. Saw people stabbed, beat down. Bones broken, bloody. This shit proves me wrong. Never saw someone taken apart piece by piece while alive. Totally different. And a kid no less. I think this will stick with me for a good, long while. What an animalistic thing to do to someone. Even if that kid had raped and murdered my wife and kids, I wouldn’t have done that shit to him. Shoot him in the head? FUCK YEAH, but all that extra shit? FUCK NO. That Sicario with the blade was demonic as fuck. He is a special kinda fucked up in the head. No WAY in hell those guys deserved that shit. Most likely because they happened to be “employed” by the wrong side. People are the true monsters in this world. To find true evil, all we have to do is to look in a mirror. If this was my child being tortured like this, I would have to be committed I know it. And if I wasn’t, I would spend the rest of my days finding that fucker to put HIS ass in the ground. That kid lingered through some of the most unimaginable brutality a person can go through. Imagine watching someone next to you be beaten and beheaded. Only to find out that he went out the EASY way when those idiots turn their attention on you and for a brutal 7 or so minutes dismember you piece by vital and sensitive piece. From the slices and cuts to the stab wounds, to plunging the knife deep into your chest cavity and wreaking havoc on your internal organs. Lungs, heart, liver, skin, even intestines being pulled out one by one while you WATCH! And I bet they gave the kid some meth to make sure he didn’t pass out. So he can be fully aware of everything. Fucking sad. My faith in humanity is so broken. The earth deserves better than us. Imagine how peaceful the world would be without the things we do to ourselves and others. We are the only organism that actually does NOT live in harmony with the planet. And the things we do to each other are so fucked up. I hope his family did NOT see this. If it were my kid, I would have to know what happened, but I would NEVER allow my wife to see it or be aware of the details. Horrific to say the least.

    • @ipconfig
      Well said! Man you’ve been through a lot!
      Ya I can’t watch any kind of torture, hearing them scream in agony never sits well with me.

      I know it doesn’t matter now and it won’t justify his brutal death, but I really want to know what the hell he could have done to deserve this!
      I wouldn’t even hope this on my worst enemy.
      Probably nothing more than just sending a message.

      You’re right about the humans too.
      It only took them 100 years to completely screw up this planet.
      Nature is almost non existent now compared to 30 years ago.
      Such a toxic bunch.

  4. Actually, I’m disappointed that the Mexicans have lost their touch. I really liked the videos of hanging their victims naked, by the feet, then slicing off their penis and balls, then fingers and toes, then hands and feet. This video shows lack of imagination and messy and undisciplined butchery!

  5. That was one the most brutal one’s i’ve seen… 😀 The Cartels are back at it again and in full force! But fucking hell… i cringed when they were ripping that kid to shreads, he had so much life force, that he was still alive after being stabbed in the heart multiple times, and had his heart ripped off… 😆

  6. I watched this with no problem. Had lunch actually while watching. BUT I am not a cold hearted person. These videos do not affect me as they would have in the past (I could not even watch “Faces of Death”) and almost fainted when i saw that classic Chechclear video! Now, meh. What have you people done to me?! Hehe.

      • @gofi5h
        It’s totally different in person.

        I actually had a chance to see a guy who had just been shot and killed, just didn’t have it in me to walk in between those parked cars where the guy was laying.
        I was actually creeped out by the thought of it.
        I knew he was dead because the paramedics ran over there and 10 seconds later, all 3 of them were walking back casually to their truck just yapping away like nothing happened.

        There are a couple members here with us that had actually seen death unfold right before their eyes, so they can answer your question better, if they’re up to it.

        But for now, I’m kind of a chicken to see my first shot up or crumpled body in living color. 😬😖

  7. Oh it’s brutal…and watching a friend or co worker get gore’d up, knowing your next has gotta be the worst evil surreal feeling. @Coqui for me,it’ was the face peeler cartel kill that shook me to the core and changed or desensitized me a bit towards cartel kills. That one was truly hell.
    When it was this kids turn to be tortured woulda been perfect time to turn into the Hulk!
    There’s was a moment where his zip tie hands was cut free by the sharp blade when he put up his hands when being stabbed. If only he took all that scared adrenaline and grabbed that fuckers arm, wrestled him down bite his nose off,or shove thumb into eye socket. Fuck man return the favor. Your gonna die any way.

  8. If I’m not mistaken they were father and son. In the beginning he says mira a su hijo como esta…. Or, look at your son in the state he’s in… maybe trying to say look at the mess you got him in. In other words it’s your fault he’s gonna die a horrible death. Then they make his son watch his father beaten and murdered. He even faints but they wake him up to keep watching. He totally freaks out when his dad jumped (i guess from nerves in the spine?) They say they’re gonna send his head Ito his mother. Ugh, the way he skinned him and his guts popped out. He literally watched him open his ribs and yank his heart out. Damn.

  9. They are father and son. The father was a policeman.

    I understand a little os Spanish, they said something worse will happen with the next ‘piece of shit’ people who do something they don’t like.

    They as well were telling the kid to open his eyes and look at his father being killed.

    They said at one moment to them that they were going to send their heads to his mom.

    Gonna watch it again to see if I can understand more and translate more.

    • In the beginning they asked the father if he knew something, he answers yes and then ask why did he leak/give information (or something like that). Then they start to beat him up. And tell his son to open his eyes so he can see it.

      • ere is a full translation from a native Mexican: Video starts Torturer: “Look at how your son is, son of a bitch, just like the other one. Open your eyes, open your eyes (untranslatable Mexican slang word (Guey), means dumbass and used like dude is in English depending on context)” Beating on cop with log starts Torturer: “Open your eyes, (talking to the son). Hold him up to watch. (to another cartel member) You dumbass, what the fuck does your wife know? (to cop)” Cop: “noting!” Torturer: “And if I go get her?” Cop: “nothing, she knows nothing…” Torturer: “You know one thing (to camera), look Tecuan, I’m going to tell you one thing, son of a bitch, nobody messes with us son of a bitch. And I’ll tell you one thing, In order to come into the plaza it will cost you dearly, first the same thing will happen to you like this piece of shit, (beats cop again) Come here and take their beating son of a bitch I’m going to tell you, here we are “Los Viagra” (The Viagras, name of the cartel) and the shit is the shit, all of these grasshoppers that are being mules giving out information, fearing any dumbass, their bitch of a mother is going to take them. (Slang Word for knife) literal translation: Iron old man (to another cartel member) Open your eyes boy! (to cop’s son) And if he closes his eyes fuck him up.(To other cartel members)” Comences slicing into cop’s neck, son starts screaming Torturer: “stand the fuck up! Look! (to cop’s son) Tecuan (to camera), this is… (Cop’s son faints) Get up! (beats unconscious boy)…(slicing continues on cop) Get up…. I will wake you up! (Picks up boy…. Boy then wakes and screams again)” Scene switches, cop is now headless and son is laying on cop’s headless body covered in blood. Torturer: “this is what you caused Tecuan (to camera), and we’ll go get your whole family…(to boy) and you know what I’m going to do with your head, I’m going to send it to your mom dumbass…huh! Look here let them die like the rats they are, son’s of bitches, (kicks son covered in cop’s blood)…little by little let them suffer the bitches, huh…huh bitch! (Stabs boy’s chest, boy screams) fuck!.. (indistinguishable).. What ahh!? (To boy) what ahhh!?.. What ahhh?! Son of a bitch here is a beating, it’s what there is, son of a bitch, we are escalating every single day…(screaming) you are howling like a dog you soon if a bitch, of a bitch. Grab the boy’s other hand (To cartel members), hold him, hold him, hold him, hold the boy’s feet, hold him good, hold him from here Guacho from here. I’m going to take his heart out, (boy tried fighting back) that’s right dumbass, hold him, hold him guacho.” Camera man: “you record Diablo” (cameramen asks a guy nicknamed devil to switch places) Torturer: “leave the rifle there Guacho, there hold him good hold him good hold him, with balls!” Other cartel member: “straight to the point old man” Women on Radio: “What happened, did the man come…All good over here, he comes he comes this way, that way I’ll send you…” Boy starts screaming as they commence slicing into chest/stomach Torturer: “grab his hand, hold him…mother fucker…fuck…shit, shit fucker, hold him good, huh! Huh! Huh!…Im going to skin him alive the bitch mother fucker… Huh! Huh!” Cartel members start howling jesting Torturer: “the fuck out of here dumbass huh! Did you see son of a bitch, fucking dumbass mule!” Other cartel member( most likely to the first camera man that could not keep filming): “A cigarette…A cigarette…, You should show some balls… For what they did to your nephew?!, There’s the butchers’… Fuck, fuck, such a beating…” Torturer: “Mother fucker… (heart comes out, sliced off) this is your new year’s present mother fucker…(slices heart up then impales heart to now dead boy’s chest)…(to camera now) And this if for Tecuan, Tecuan and for all of you that are trying to get into the boss’s plaza, sons of bitches and all you that come to the plaza the bitch of a mother will take each of you dumb assess and you’ll end up worse than these dumbass dogs, you’ll end up like the worse dumbass, because not Tecuan not anyone is going to come save you dumbasses. And Tecuan come here mother fucker because we’re waiting and we will wait for you, we’re ready to receive you dumb fuck.” Cartel members start howling again yell “puro viagra perro” (just Viagra dog!) Cartel member: “they look real pretty there…don’t they, so that all these dead fuckers

  10. I noticed how the father tried to lock eyes on his son. He seems to either be trying to say he’s sorry for this or watch me die like a man. Maybe both? Either way, thanks to the supply and demand of drugs, the violence and brutality will only get worse. For every line of coke, plunger of heroine and pipe of crack etc. someone has been killed over it.

  11. The mind fuck they put that kid through is crazy. Right when they are going to hold him down the Souless Sicario says “I’m gonna cut your heart out!” You can clearly hear him say “corazon” The kid hears that and tries, feebly, to get up and get away and yelps! At that point he knew what their plan was.
    Also sucks video is still edited, you see the Souless Sicario about ready to plunge the knife into the unsuspecting kids right lung then video cuts to kid after that stab.
    This was probably the quickest 8 minutes in my life and most likely the longest 8 minutes in that beaners life.
    Souless Sicario man becomes the devil doing that stuff. His voice changes to pure hatred and evil as he’s dicing up the left lung.
    I don’t think the heart was stabbed in all that, however after so much blood loss there was no bleeding during the fileting. His arm and head movements at the end is probably cell memory from being wrecked with pain.

  12. A lot of people are saying the face-peeled video was more brutal, to that I say Hell no!!
    For 1: none of that torture was shown only the aftermath
    2: logically one can assume the face peeling occurred while he was unconscious, I say that because at end of the video they release his arms and he immediately tries to remove whatever blindfold, he thought, was obstructing his view with his hands that he didn’t know he didn’t have!

    • I don’t know about the kid but the dad is part of the cartels and knew what he could be facing. To be a cop and work for cartels says a lot about that beaners character. He was a badass tho when facing certain death

  13. It’s one thing to execute someone, THIS is beyond just executing. OMG… can someone do such a thing and how can others watch and film it? Seriously, what runs through their veins for goodness sake. Pure evil. I don’t know how they sleep at night after doing something like this, day in and day out. Horrible.

  14. They have a special place in hell for these mother fuckers. I thought I was pretty much desensitized after watching so many of these videos, but this is by far the worst thing i have ever seen, I couldn’t even finish watching the video!

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