Kid Walks in Front of Train

Hey, remember the movie Stand By Me? I sure do and that’s what I thought of as soon as I saw this kid walking across the tracks. He’s struck and dragged with the force, dunno how far he traveled but the poor guy didn’t see it or here it until a second before he was struck.

I have heard tales of trains somehow being able to sneak up on people, as we all know what machine-powered, bloodthirsty demons these beasts are. Only info I have is that this came from Mexico.

Thanks, Pinky!

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40 thoughts on “Kid Walks in Front of Train

    • I’ve heard some train/auto/pedestrian collisions occurred because of two or more sets of tracks. A hopeless sap watching one set of rails while a train comes on another set where they are occupying and bammm! Train buffery must come from setting up model trains when we were kids. I saw this video somewhere where there was a whole set up as big as a warehouse, with cars and planes as well.

    • Hey @xizangone. “Train” and “Buff” are great words when taken in conjunction with your Avi… Looks like the front of Teddy Roosevelts Presidential election locomotive comming on down the line. Don’t know about the ‘cow catchers’ on your ass, but must be narrow gauge. ; )

  1. I used to play around the train tracks as a kid. That’s why I always look both ways and look for the signal lights whenever I play on the tracks these days. This kid had no train track experience, obviously.

  2. It looks as if the rails on the right, where he got ran over, weren’t in much use. They have rust on the top of the rails, unlike the ones on the left, which are shiny from use and look to be wider, heavier gauge rails. The ones he got hit on look narrower and lesser used, like for an occasional passenger, lighter train. Maybe he wasn’t expecting a train on that track.

    • It didn’t look like the engineer bothered wasting his time tapping the brakes. What the hell, it’s Mexico. How can you tell Pablo’s been in your backyard? The garbage can’s empty and the dog’s pregnant. 😉

  3. I don’t understand that, it’s a fucking train, even if they don’t hear it you would at least feel the vibration, those videos confuse and boggle my noggin, unless there getting murdered or some type of other accident and there blaming it on the train, poor train 🚈

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