Motorcyclist Drives Wrong Way on Highway

I’m not gonna give you a time stamp, just wait for it. Picture yourself in the car with these witnesses. Look up at the sky and feel the warm breeze in your face. Look at the passing traffic and think about the mundane events of the day. Look and see a man driving a motorcycle on the wrong side of the highway. Let’s see what happens…

And thanks, to you know who

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11 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Drives Wrong Way on Highway

  1. He tried to daredevil… but apparently the Devil wasnt in the mood for shit that day… 😆 Oh well, and i can translate it:

    “People of heaven (dont ask… i dont know what he means with this, maybe a greeting?)… im coming from Formosa, im in the kilometer… i dont know which kilometer im in, but im following a motorcyclist thats heading unbelievably since the entrance of Formosa in the wrong way… in the other side of the road, dude! Im trying to film, but honestly this guy is nuts! Im on a lane of the road… and hes in the other one, its absurd! Damn… I dont know if you can see, since im driving at the same speed, and that guy is simply in the other lane… Damn, and hes really really really speeding alot… in the wrong way! I think i can get him on footage… fuck, man… Alot of courage, and alot of luck, right!? And sincerelly, check it out, here… now i can film it well… Im in a lane, dude, and he’s there heading towards the other cars, against the… …HOLY SHIT GOD OF HEAVEN!! God of heaven!…” (he said rather something similar to “holy shit” though, wich meant literally “There’s iron!” 😆 )

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