Chick Hangs Out and Bloats

On January 9th the body of 20-year-old Gabrielly Teixeira de Oliveira Santos was found hanging from a tree in Riviera de São Lourenço, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. At first it would appear that the young woman had committed suicide by hanging. However, the authorities are not so sure as the right side of the woman’s skull had a dent in it that could have been due to a heavy blow to the head. They speculate she may have been killed and then strung up to make it look like a suicide. Due to her bloated state, further investigation is needed. But man, that is some nice bloatation regardless of the circumstances of her death. Haven’t had a bloater in a while, so enjoy!

and props to the Pink that don’t stink!

24 thoughts on “Chick Hangs Out and Bloats

  1. Well, I live in São Paulo so I know about this. She was a singer or a DJ or something like that. The authorities confirmed she suicided. She sent her mother messages on whatssap saying she wanted to be killed. Her boyfriend said she was bipolar, always fighting with him over nothing, he wanted to end the relationship but she never let him, she was very jealous of him and he said other than that, she had a good heart. Cameras caught her going alone to that place, and also caught her boyfriend looking around over there but he never entered that place. So she had committed suicide.


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