Man Fucks Up His Suicide Attempt in Mexico

Around 1:00pm Friday, January 12, 2018.. a man in Tijuana, Mexico went up to the fourth floor of the Tijuana International Airport parking lot and made a little dramatic scene. The man yells out something like ..”my body, my mind, my soul and all my being”… and then throws himself off the building …and splat. The man did survive the fall but the hospital said he has multiple fractures. Next time go a little higher, dude. Go big or go the F home.

ALSO: Sorry for the downtime lately. I haven’t been around and was unable to correct it. I’ll be working on things this week so there may occasionally be some downtime. Please bear with me. Thanks for understanding, guys.

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25 thoughts on “Man Fucks Up His Suicide Attempt in Mexico

  1. Ha Ha famous last words to go with before one feels like a toad jumping heights.
    โ€My body, my mind, my soul and all of my beingโ€ & all of me in all its entirety is just an arsehole .

    To sum it up that was just a little of a failed stupid stunt . Choosing another tall skyscraper would have been a better choice . But for now he can sit tight eating some hospital meals and after his discharge he will have all the liberty to make his second suicidal fall a grand success .
    Good luck fucker!

  2. I should start a career in performing assisted suicides. I’d carry this guy back up and balance him on the wall. Then he could squirm until he rolls off it. If he is still alive then I’d ask for a bonus to carry him back up…

  3. Now if he waited to jump in the back of that pickup truck, that would’ve been something.
    Or jumped head first….

    “Hey, Paco, get down from there b’fore you hurt yourself!”

  4. Ye Gods ……….Silly me !! . I heard and even my mom used to tell me that I endured quite a few nasty falls from a double bunk bed but my bones never crunched or broke like the way this guy ‘s .
    It’s perhaps when your moms don’t lactate and the babies they gotta end rearing up have their bones broken oftentimes cause them guys never drank no milk from the real jugs but only bottles and it’s a pity .
    Quite a scene happened there though ……….he thought he was performing for a rock concert at wembley and suddenly everything fell apart.
    Hee Hee Hee

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