Young Boy Tortured And Killed

Young Boy Tortured And Killed

Alright you guys we’ve got an absolutely brutal video here. A boy that doesn’t look to be more than 15 is tied up and gagged. He looks absolutely terrified and for good reason because one of the men cuts off both of his ears. The pain is evident on his face and then they bring out the big blade to chop at the victim’s neck. After the first strike, the boy is drowning in his own blood and instinct kicks in as he tries to roll away but his fate is already sealed. Although he put up more of a fight than most his killer chopped the back of his neck almost beheading him. I’m not sure of the cause of this however my guess is it’s drug related as so many of these are. Such an awful way to die and so young.

Thank you to Pinky!!

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14 thoughts on “Young Boy Tortured And Killed

  1. He at least had the guts to wink while his left ear was being chopped so for him its no more listening to weird venezuelan music.
    For a body so skinny he still has a boner showing up through his pant’s zipper even in the midst of being face to face with his killers.
    Hey but that dagger needs sharpening !

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