Muslims Stone Man To Death

Muslims Stone Man To Death

I’m late posting this one so I apologize. There’s not much information but it’s pretty straight forward. Muslims decide to make it rain on a man but unfortunately for him it ain’t money they’re throwing. Sounds like hail when it hits my roof and even the little kids are getting in on the fun…such great parenting. I guess this is their big social event versus hanging out at the bar watching a sports game or something. At least they changed it up stoning a guy this time instead of a raped woman. I’d like to personally thank them for leaving out the drawn out speech that no one gives a shit about. I think they’re finally starting to learn.

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20 thoughts on “Muslims Stone Man To Death

  1. Overtime parking offends Allah in those Mooslim countries. I think he would have had an easier death had he drank some of that green pond water in the quarry first.
    Is it just me, or did anyone else notice the lack of “Allah Akbar!” being said with every stone thrown?

  2. I’ve felt like this before after a deep tissue massage. When asked what I wanted on the flip over, I told her ibuprofen.

    I gotta admit, next time I play dodgeball and I’m team captain, first player being selected is a Muslim. They got good aim and they didn’t slow down for a couple minutes. If they scream ALLAH, I know we’re winning!

  3. Clearly the point is if the rapist died or he is still alive or whether he is out on an other hunt right after this to rape someone else . Provided no pelted stones did any damage to his circumcised dick
    He is gonna walk different streets and leave the town as too much of sun stones and sand is no good and then the eternal chant of Allahu Akbar to live with horribly and bear the brunt now and then .
    Given the situation everyone participated to the best of their masculinity including small little kids
    who are gonna get some biceps and triceps doing all this when they grow up to be teens .

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