Motorcycle Crash Turns Man Into Abstract Sculpture

Holy shit! What an interesting creation we have here. Courtesy of a collision with two motorcycles, one man has been turned into a creepy abstract work of art. Looks pretty damn cool, although it may have been quite painful for the individual involved as I imagine he was quite alive while his transformation took place.

Very nice carnage courtesy of the one and only Mrs. Motherfuckin’ Pink!

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16 thoughts on “Motorcycle Crash Turns Man Into Abstract Sculpture

    • I was thinking the exact same thing about that guys foot! And the dude probably was that way before the accident and that’s how it happened he couldn’t click the correct turn signal. ๐Ÿ™„ @derkopfsammler my husband is Portuguese and I was playing a video without my headphones in and it was the girls beating that mentally disabled girl in Brazil and all of a sudden he said to me “why are you watching a Brazilian video?” I was like OMG you can translate for me ( as long as I don’t show you the videos ) Oh the guy with the bag on his foot probably has an injury and can’t risk getting it wet or he can’t fit in his shoe

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