Brazilian Man Cut to Pieces

Obli here. Well, we all know what happens to gang members in Brazil. But did you know what happens to a man who had accidentally killed a seven-month-old child in Brazil? The same thing that happened to this motherfucker. Whilst attempting to gun down a gang member he killed a child and was subjected to some brutality as a result. Being quartered and having his heart removed. Brutality at it’s finest.

Props to the Pink!

21 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Cut to Pieces

  1. The text says with a lot of spelling mistakes: “Decreed for the death of a seven-month-old child, where we GDE (or Guardiões do Estado / Guardians of the State) with sadness, today we cut our own flesh, to show we are rightful and fair criminals”

    Dude’s saying: “Brothers, I come here to say sorry to GDE, because I went to business and I committed a mistake, a very wrong mistake, and I wanted to ask here I’m sorry to my GDE brothers and everyone else, because the bullet that came out of my revolver which I used to shoot against a guy, it was unintentional, I hit a child, but it was not because I wanted to. I’m sorry to everyone from GDE.”

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