Facial Reconstruction

Facial Reconstruction

Good day to you all, tis Monday so we got some medical shit to look at. The face is the most important part of the human body in my opinion. It’s the first thing you look at (unless you’re a perv) and our instincts enable us to gather so much information about a person just from their face. Now imagine part or all of that being taken away from you….one of your senses removed, your ability to speak clearly suddenly gone, your facial expressions limited. I think anyone, vain or not, would be devastated to lose a part of their face. In some cases who you recognize in the mirror changes drastically forever but for others they’re able to get some of themselves back through facial reconstructive surgery, skin graphs and prosthetics. It’s amazing how far technology has come to give these people a chance at a normal life again without constant stares. The guy in the video today removes his prosthetic to reveal what lies beneath which is a big gaping hole. Almost the entire right side is gone but the people who made his prosthetic did an amazing job matching it to the rest of his face. That along with his dentures make it so at first glance you may not even notice anything is wrong. I’m sure this guy, like so many others, had some type of cancer that required a difficult surgery to remove all of the malignancy. There’s so many nerves running through the face and I salute any doctor who works on such a sensitive part of the body. Also below are pictures of various patients that will or have gone through some type of surgery or prosthetic fitting. All of them are cancer survivors except for the last guy who attempted suicide by trying to shoot himself in the head and his doctors did a fantastic job.

A big thank you to @trainwreck for the awesome video!!!

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