Elderly Woman’s Mouth Full Of Maggots

Ugggh.. creepy crawlies in the mouth have to be one of the cringiest things, in my opinion. Creepy crawlies in general freak me out.. but in the mouth?! I don’t know where this is from but probably some shithole country where the woman couldn’t get proper medical care, or maybe she didn’t even attempt to get any care until it got to this point, who knows. Could be worse, she could be this woman.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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14 thoughts on “Elderly Woman’s Mouth Full Of Maggots

  1. I was needing some help with my New Year’s resolution to loose a couple pounds. I’m playing this video every time I think about going to Chick Fil A. Thanks Nextie!

    Not sure if it will deter me from the cookies and cream milkshake though! I think they sprinkle some crack on it to aid in addiction.

  2. She must have been giving head to the guy from a previous post here who had the maggots in his dick. This is how maggots spread through a population.

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