Man Falls Off Cliff While Trying To Take Photo

A Kurdish man named Hüseyin Dağ was attempting to take a photo on top of a cliff in Şanlıurfa, Şanlıurfa, Turkey.. where he went to celebrate his birthday when he fell to his death. The man wanted to get a photo of him jumping mid-air and when he landed he lost his balance and tumbled over the side of the cliff and was killed instantly. The man left behind eight children and a wife who witnessed the entire incident. What’s today’s lesson, class? Don’t jump on an effin’ cliff.

33 thoughts on “Man Falls Off Cliff While Trying To Take Photo

  1. Happy effin Bday to you! Unlucky! Now that is unfortunate, how sad & tragic. R.I.P. Idiot’s are gonna do what idiot’s are gonna do. I am nowhere near inclined to screw around on a high platform of any kind on a tall/high structure where there is a very good & likely possibility that something bad & untoward may just happen to you when doing so. Smh???

  2. It’s all fun & games kids, until….some loser wants to try & have some fun on his Bday by jumping off of a higher cliff down to a lower cliff, loses & can’t regain his balance & rolls all the way down & dies; done!!! Say bye to daddy, kid’s, he gone??

      • In Brazil and a couple other places there would be thousands of human bones amongst the many blood spatters at the bottom and a sign at the top that reads “Push / Jump Off Here”. Don’t they have cliffs in Brazil? Never seen one… Buildings, yes, but they can’t leave the bodies just laying on the sidewalks.

  3. Just trying to have fun and then looks like a complete fool all the way to his death.
    His landing looks kinda strange to me though, he seems to have disappeared before he went out of view, but that’s just my eyes playing around with me.

  4. Hey did anyone else see the ghost footage of something falling infont of him..the camera’s picked up pixels before his body came into shot..he may of been fucked up & caused to stumble by…..ooooooow a ghostie, demon, spirit, phantom…oooooow fucking lol

  5. Huh… some people can go they’re whole lives without ever finding joy or happiness while others get more than their fair share only to have it all taken away in an instant. Meh, it still looked better than my last birthday.

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