Suicide Jumper in Fortaleza, Brazil

A woman jumped from an apartment building in Fortaleza, a city in the state of Cerá, Brazil. We’ve got amateur footage of her hitting the top of another building below the apartment as well as some after images. It has been ruled as a suicide but no further information is available at this time.

Props to @mrspink!

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19 thoughts on “Suicide Jumper in Fortaleza, Brazil

  1. Is it just me or does it seem like women jumper / landers end up in sexually suggestive positions, with their clothes disarrayed in appealing ways? Like, “I can look sexy in death too.”

  2. It isn’t a fat ass that worries me .It’s dirty underwear. I would hate to shit on death as I am told many of us do!
    Also i have seen vids here and elsewhere where the victim’s guts come out their anus or vagina on impact.yuk!

    Till then ,i will follow what our mothers always said, start each day with a fresh set of undies!

    @lucy @cherry3xo

  3. Suicide Jumper

    One lonely figure upright
    Standing calm sedate.
    Her life
    The past
    It all went wrong
    And now it’s just too late.
    No turning back
    One tiny step
    A courage, small resolve.
    She trusts life’s pain
    And misery
    Will hopefully dissolve.

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