Man Attacked With Stones, Boards And An Axe

Only four days into the new year and we’ve already got good stuff from Brazil again. At least I think it’s Brazil. A man is shown being stoned, beaten with boards and hacked with an axe. When the axe gets stuck in him.. that’s where I cringe just a little. One dude finishes him off with the axe and a few chops to the throat. And ugh.. his arm. I wonder what he did to warrant this. But as we know.. in Brazil it doesn’t take much.

Thanks to Pinky!!

ALSO: I want to wish @Obli a very Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! We all love you and appreciate you and hope you have a great birthday.???

14 thoughts on “Man Attacked With Stones, Boards And An Axe

  1. These people always seem to die in trash dumps…. are there a lot of trash dumps in Brazil or is that pretty much what the whole country is like?

  2. Brazil’s version of Rock-Paper-Scissors…but there it’s just a lil different,it’s Rock-Wood-Ax….and loser dies.
    Absolutely brutal and raw and gorefully beautiful.
    Feel for poor victim (tho I don’t know what he did) ….he was fighting and may of gotten out of there if his left arm from shoulder down wasn’t destroyed. Couldn’t quite protect himself and get up,and run.
    I don’t believe in that spirit and ghost shit,but his soul deserves to come back for revenge.

  3. Yeah this was in Brazil, where else would you see the daily sacrifice for the flip-flop gods? And apparently someone was ready to shoot him too, but the guy filming shouted “Dont shoot! Dont shoot!”, probably because it would make too much noise and attract unwanted attention. 😀

    Also have a brutal barfday… erm i mean birthday @obli 😆

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