Gallery of Aborted Babies

Since today is my birthday, let’s celebrate the fact that I didn’t turn out like one of these poor, aborted souls. Although I suppose some of them could have been miscarried. They’re all in that alien jelly bean stage of development. As some of you already know, Obli is pro choice and seeing this sort of thing really doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Call me weird. I know a lot of you members are mommies and daddies so I want to know what your thoughts are on abortion. In general are you pro choice or pro life? And ponder these questions as well…

When does life actually begin?

Does a product of incest or rape really deserve to be killed simply due to the nature of its origin?

Is aborting a baby determined to be severely deformed/mentally handicapped baby a mercy killing?

Let me know your thoughts, Gorriors!

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34 thoughts on “Gallery of Aborted Babies

  1. There’s only one abortion that I object to and that is the Partial Birth Abortion. It’s for when the baby would have been completely viable and without the need for intense medical intervention once born. It can be done up to 40 weeks gestation (full term). They pull a baby out, feet first, then insert a pair of forceps into the foramen of the brain to kill it. Brutal.

    As a side note, the majority of those pictured here appear to be miscarriages. My niece has two little ones she miscarried preserved in itty-bitty jars that look just like the first picture in your post.

  2. Happy Birthday @obli . I am pro choice, I don’t care if someone gets an abortion it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If someone is raped and gets pregnant I think it’s ok if she gets an abortion, She shouldn’t be forced to keep it unless she wants to. There are some countries that don’t even allow abortion unless it’s threatening the life of the mother, El Salvador is one of the biggest examples they give long prison sentences to those who get one.

  3. People who abort are very fucking smart. Smart enough to know that this life is full of endless suffering and is not worth contributing to it by bringing another being into existence. The action of bringing people into existence is absurdly and monstrously cruel. Whats the point of contuining the cycle? Lets just all stop reproducing and die out. But of course that will never happen. ?

    • Haha! Right on, that’s the way god planned it, make the sex urge so strong you keep doin’ it until one of those lil’ swimmers takes a detour around the birth control πŸ˜‰ Man will climb the highest mountain, cross the rowdy sea just for 6 minutes pleasure, 9 months agony πŸ˜‰

  4. Dunno if theres a name for what i believe… I guess im just a mix of both even if i lean for the traditionalist way, since unfortunatelly the abortion option is being pushed by far way too much towards the white population, wich is already in decline, and not so much towards black audiences. You can see the online articles, or anywhere for that matter, encouraging whites to not have babies, however, you still see black mothers having +5 babies for each family… so i’ll just say im “pro-rationality”, since calling it “pro-choice” to me is just not right, otherwise women would just abort for barelly any reason, because they got impregnated either by mere “accidents” from a night out with some random guys, or resulting from casual encounters and yet they never wanted to be mothers anyways… and not for specific special reasons, like life-threatning births or rape incidents. So my belief resumes to, we need more babies, so if you dont want a baby: safest bet – dont fuck. Get yourself a dildo instead.

  5. Happy Birthday SeΓ±or Obli Claus!
    You’ve been so damn consistent in delivering us gore over the last 5 years, you’ve truly earned that name.
    And you’ve always posted under just 1 name too ? We just Ate up all that gore that you’ve given us.

    If a woman doesn’t want that child growing in her, that child is pretty much dead already, she’ll see to that.
    I’m sure there are other reasons why women go through this, you know, that boyfriend who says you aren’t having this baby or else…
    How about don’t knock her up in the first place! Have sex, but don’t knock her up, it can be done, trust me.

  6. The Unheard Voice

    I feel your warmth, it’s all around me
    And I know that my well being rests with you
    Even now I get nice feelings deep inside me
    And sweet lady I sure hope you have them too

    At this time I really don’t know what will happen
    But I know your thoughts will help me understand
    Even now I do believe my whole existence
    Is most definitely under your command.

    You help me breathe, you help me eat
    When I’m resting you’re the one who helps me sleep
    And I know that life with you will be so grand
    I can’t wait for you to hold me in your hands

    Sometimes I feel you’re sad and in confusion
    And there’s nothing I can do to help you through
    If you think nice things of me life may get better
    After all the only love I have’s for you

    Given time I know that you will come to love me
    Cos I’ll be too irresistible, you’ll see
    Until then you must continue on without me
    But in your mind you’ll always have my company.

    You help me breathe, you help me eat
    When I’m resting you’re the one who helps me sleep
    And I’m certain when we’re finally together
    You and I will have a love that lasts forever

    The weeks go by, I’m getting stronger
    I only wish that I could say the same for you
    If you stay so sad and miserable much longer
    I really don’t know what you’re going to do

    Now I notice that today you seem so happy
    Yes, it makes me smile to think of you this way
    When I think of how we’ll be when we’re together
    It makes me glad, I so look forward to that day.

    You help me breathe, you help me eat
    When I’m resting you’re the one who helps me sleep
    Each new day that comes, you greet it with a smile
    I’m so pleased we’ll be with each other in a while

    Today is strange, I feel so different
    I know something is amiss, of that I’m sure
    I can tell my sanctuary is being invaded
    And the pain I feel is growing more and more

    I now realise we’ll never be together
    And the darkness that descends on me is near
    If you only knew about my feelings for you
    Your heart would break, you’d shed a never-ending tear.

    You helped me breathe, you helped me eat
    When I was resting you were the one who helped me sleep
    I was wrong to think you’d be my lifelong friend
    We’ll never meet because my time is at an end.

    Oh, mummy……why did you destroy me in the end? ?

    (c)PTR Feb 1999

  7. If we all have souls and end up in Heaven or Hell after dying according to our actions in life and we bring all the knowledge with us, how can dead babies be able to talk in Heaven and know they have died in first place. That’s some weird shit. I don’t remember anything before my 5 years of existence, these babies will never know what life was like and I guess they don’t feel pain like us, at least they won’t suffer and see the bullshit happening in this world, but do they learn to talk the Angels language in a millisecond and get all the knowledge necessary to know where they are after death? I’m not sure. I believe in God but these things makes me think a lot. And we’ll never know it until we’re dead. Maybe these stuff (Heaven & Hell) doesn’t even exist, like, remember the time when you were not born yet? For example, 100 years ago, we were not born yet, I wonder where were we? We didn’t exist. Maybe that’s what happens after death, we simply doesn’t exist anymore and we are in the same state as we were before being born. But Bible says God gave us the free will to do whatever we want, so I don’t really know if it’s right or wrong to kill these babies…

  8. Happy Birthday Obli. I hope your day is full of multiple orgasms, beer and pizza. At least that’s how I’d spend my bday.
    I’m Pro Choice as we all are the owners of our own bodies. Some people were just not meant to be parents and should truly think twice about reproducing. Or focus more on Bukkake vids.

  9. I used to be more pro-choice when I was younger even though I personally could never go through with an abortion but these days not so much. Too many women are treating abortions like a form of birth control having multiple abortions and never learning from their mistakes which I have a big problem with. There are instances where I think an abortion is justified such as rape or it’s threatening the life of the mother but those cases make up a tiny percentage of abortions. I read a study that showed 44% of abortions performed at planned parenthood are repeat abortions so almost half of the women getting them are ones who have had an abortion before. That should be a last resort and you should learn from your mistakes, not repeat them. There’s not enough sex education and there’s no excuse with everyone’s access to the Internet. Use protection or don’t fucking have sex. It’s pretty simple. One time okay you messed up but once you start having mutliple abortions you need to close your damn legs.

  10. I was a nurse in a hospital. A young pregnant woman who was in a car wreck miscarried. I don’t know how far along exactly but the fetus was the size of a newborn puppy, definitely human with visible fingernails and toenails, almost everything fully formed. I couldn’t do it except as an extreme measure, maybe.

  11. What I don’t like are people that are pro abortion telling me I shouldn’t be allowed to posses firearms. Liberal hypocrites, my firearms haven’t hurt anyone, while some skank that has ended human life telling me my guns are dangerous.
    If someone wants to kill their baby, it’s their business, just stay outta MY business!

    • Great point! My thoughts are, have an abortionβ€”it’s none of my fucking business what you do with your body. The world is way too overpopulated as it stands. Likewise, I could give no shits about the articles of steele in your gun cabinet. Live and let live, judgemental humanoid bastards.

  12. Happy Birthday guy @obli , glad you weren’t sucked out into a sink and very happy my mom didn’t toss me in a sack and dump me into a river πŸ™‚ Watching the gallery of pickled punks, amazing one of those could have turned out to cure cancer or commit mass murder. I remember the anti abortion nuts, sidewalk counselors as they called them, screaming at women walking into clinics, “Don’t give up your baby!”. Well let one of those shitheads raise the result of an unwanted pregnancy. And the right-to-lifers shooting abortion doctors, really? A woman’s right to choose is sacred and secret between she and her doctor.

  13. Happy belated Birthday @obli. Glad you are here!
    I am spilt on this subject. I feel as though human life is a gift from God. God gave us a right to choose. Therefore women have a right to abort. But I think it should be against the law to abort a fetus after the first trimester (13 weeks) thus that right should be taken away after that. I feel the fetus can feel whats going on and its heart breaking because they are defenseless.

  14. I’m no father, nor will I ever be but yeah, pro choice. No child should have to be born if they’re not wanted by the parents, it’s not like they’re conscious and they wouldn’t miss out on much if they were born into this fucking world… *sigh* I wish I was aborted.

    And happy late birthday @obli

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