23 Year Old Woman Jumps to Her Death

A 23-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping from a building. We get a satisfying POV perspective of the woman crashing to the sidewalk. And another video showing people casually walking around and viewing the dead woman. Also included is a gallery with a before image of the young woman. No word on why she killed herself but she got the job done. Man, that looks like a painful position to be in. At least she was killed instantly and doesn’t have to worry about a sore back in the morning. Every cloud has a silver lining, I suppose.

Props to the Pink!

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18 thoughts on “23 Year Old Woman Jumps to Her Death

  1. Every time I fall over from just a standing position height it hurts pretty bad. I always wondered if there is a moment of pain for these jumper suicides. When I was a kid I used to have dreams of falling and when I hit the ground I felt it for a moment… A momentary cringing in my body from the impact… And then the dreaming would change to another channel.

    • @theluvmuscle I also had these dreams but I have never got the balls to experience what could happen when I hit the ground, always when I started falling I had a sick feeling in my stomach and then I forced myself to wake up because I couldn’t stand that shit. So I never hit the ground lol

      • @felipe-s A story that used to go around was that if someone hit the ground in a dream, they would actually die. I used to think, ‘guess I’ve died about 20 times by now ’cause I hit the ground almost every time.’
        Your comment makes me think that if a person chooses to die this way, a shorter jump would be better because it gives less time to regret their final decision. Wouldn’t want to get a “sick feeling stomach” on the inevitable way to slamming into whatever’s at the bottom. Then again, too short a jump…

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