Muslim Woman Gets Run Over

Old Muslim woman is shown on cctv walking across the street. She is walking at a snail’s pace with a cane and she just about made it to the other side when she is struck by a passing van. Little old lady goes flying down the street. Maybe if they took those stupid things off their heads they’d be able to see better ?

Thanks, Pinky!

45 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Gets Run Over

  1. Life insurance policies in Islamic countries aren’t worth a shit anymore. .2 cents on the Rial/Dollar. Granny netted us $35 stinkin’ Bucks when it was all over and done with.

  2. BTW. Looked like granny was on wheels there, flying in front of the van like that after she got hit. Like a witch. Gravity ceased to exist.

      • @re-pete. She actually changed direction of her travel by 90 degrees and was going faster than the van immediately as it “hit” her. She was moving away from the van faster than the van was going after the “apparent” collision. She’s a fuckin’ witch caught on CCTV doing her Witchy thing. Look in slo mo.

        • @theluvmuscle
          I really don’t wanna sound like I’m making fun of her death at all, I mean she was most likely somebody’s mom or grandma….

          However, I’d still like to know how far she bounced and rolled though, I mean did she still end up ahead of the van?
          I have a feeling that she was still rolling after the van came to a complete stop.
          Poor little old lady 🙁

          • @re-pete… It could be that she’s been a major funder of Al Qaeda for 20 years, funded by faking traffic accident insurance scams.

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