Man’s Head Barely Hangs on After Sticking It Out of Bus Window

If you ever needed a reason to not stick your head out of a moving vehicle, let this guy impart his wisdom on you.

Not sure where this is from but the dude had a quick death. Probably never even knew what happened. Just blood everywhere and a head barely hanging on.

Thanks, Pinky!

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30 thoughts on “Man’s Head Barely Hangs on After Sticking It Out of Bus Window

  1. It must’ve been a sight to see when the bus was still moving, that head banging up against the side and twirling around….

    Check out that info located just under that guys dangling dead head, lots of English there and does anyone know why it says “Women cell” just under the “Delhi Police”?

    So in India, is it if you’re in danger, call the police and if you’re lonely, call that women’s cell??
    It just seems kinda strange to me.

  2. Is it too late for an “hangover” pun?… πŸ˜†

    Judging by the annoying amount of noise polution, the complex dark skins of the general population and awkward unisex choice of attires… i was guessing it could have happened in India… But the camera guy didnt pointed the camera to his ugly face… so im not sure… ?

  3. Dude was rubberneckin’ for the women’s phone #…. tired of them damn stinky cows, wanted a damn stinky woman….

    Almost tackled one of those ‘red dot’ Indian women, btw…. thought some one was drawing a bead from a laser sight to shoot her in the forehead, lol…

      • Those bus drivers are pretty damned good drivers when they wanna be. “I told y’all to keep your fucking heads inside the windows… It’s Pappus rules. Don’t fuck with me or I’ll miss them lampposts by 2 inches.”

  4. I know what happened. The safest bus driver in all of India was exceeding the posted speed limit to make time to get out of the stink. When the victim put his head out of the window to gulp some fresh air, his lips beat him to death. A hazard for all darkies. πŸ˜‰

  5. This was an accidental suicide. This guy was seated next to Acneska on his way home after a long, grueling day of work. Keep in mind this guy was a ladies man and he was very confident in his ability to get almost any woman he wants.

    So, he leans in slightly towards her with a big confident grin on his face and whispers to her, β€œYou know, I could use a little pussy.” So to this guys total horror, she looks at him, leans in towards him, rips out a loud, stank fart and whispers back at him, β€œMe too because mine is as big as a fucking ten-gallon hat.”

    The rest is as we say, history…

  6. Wow this guy musta had some bad karma or some shit..look how twisted this thing is..holy shit,just cut the cord already,or put a blanket over that fuck..yeesh..God willing he went quickly,probably not though.. What kinda asshole leaves this kinda shit half way done? Lolz.. Many thanks @mrspink and @obli! You guys are awesome! ❀

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