Brazilian Woman Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

I don’t know much about this, so maybe our awesome translator @derkopfsammler can help us out. By the way, we also wanna thank him for translating as many posts as he has for us in the last 1000 posts. Okay, so all I know is that the video is from Brazil. The man is holding a wooden stool and arguing with a woman who looks a little loco. Apparently, she said something that pissed the man off enough that he hits her with the wooden stool and knocks her ass out. I guess she survived it, but I bet she had a hell of a headache the next day.

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30 thoughts on “Brazilian Woman Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

  1. Awwww thanks 🙂 the pleasure is all mine though.

    Anyways, for the translation… they are speaking in a very confusing accent so its hard to translate… and from i could hear there isnt much they said anyways. Maybe @felipe-s can be of better help than i in here. 😀 But i’ll give it a try:

    Woman – “My mother is?…”
    Man – “I dont wanna know. Get out of my way! Get out of my way!…”
    Cameraguy – “MY GOD!!”
    Another hysterical woman just comes out shouting random shit, and from this part i can barelly understand what they are saying, they are using expressions that are completelly unknown to me, like a mix of different words that means absolutelly nothing… All i could hear is them shouting “She died!” (in a joking way), and the guy initially saying “She got herself fucked for(…)”.

    • Yes, basically that. With the addition of “She went to hell” Lol. The hysterical woman sounds like a little boy with a very girly voice to me. In my opinion, that woman is just a crazy homeless and that guy is the bar’s owner and doesn’t want her there.

      At the end of the video he says: “Cê é o bichão mesmo, hein doido?!” which is a famous meme here, this one: (0:06). Gotta love Brazilian humour. I don’t know if you know the meaning of that sentence though lol

      “vai tomar no seu cu” hahaha

  2. Well, I can tell you she had no sense. Fashion sense, that is…
    That was the shop owner. He looks like he’s thinking, “Time to close up shop”….

    • The chairs and shirts are supposed to add an air of a festive environment to get drunk and beat the fuck up in. The stool looks like it gets lots of use in that fashion.

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