Decaying Man Lost His Pants

Well, the New Year is behind us already but the gore and death never will be. Speaking of behinds, this dude was found partially dissolved in the water missing his pants. Just imagine the smell coming from that rotting anus. Nice shirt…

Props to the Pink!

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24 thoughts on “Decaying Man Lost His Pants

  1. Looks like something was nibbling on the back of his head. Or he got a really “high and tight” haircut before he wound up there. “Just trim up the back of my neck a little, please”.

  2. knowing @littlefoots passion for pus draining, would the left cheek squirt pus at this point in his putrefaction process if it was poked with something sharp? It would be something colored like that new Taco Bell Diablo hot sauce, I imagine

        • Aaaaand, here we are folks” @lucy the Poosy just gave the ol’ stick in the mud “Gnaw Neck” Casey another chance with that “Foul Ball”. With two strikes and batting .ooo, Casey chokes up on his bat and takes another swing in hopes of sliding into a home run…. Take it away Lucy… And no more “Foul Balls” either.

    • “It’s Pasta Diving Jeter!” I’d recognize that position anywhere as he watches another hit go by after another failed effort to stop one exiting the infield!

      I see that model he married, who is half his age, wore his ass out, too. 😆

    • Haha! Look at that dead ass, his big brother might hit it because he couldn’t leave his little brothers behind. The old saying Don’t get caught with your pants down takes on a whole new meaning here . . .

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