Butt Cyst Surprise

Butt Cyst Surprise

Happy Monday everybody and we’re all officially in 2018!! I have no damn clue why 2017 flew by so quick but now I have another opportunity to keep up with my tradition of breaking my New Year’s resolution. Today’s medical Monday centers around something that most of you may be familiar with either personally or through a friend or relative and that is pilonidal cysts. This is a type of cyst that forms around the butt cheeks usually towards the top where your tailbone is. There are many theories about what actually causes these and that ranges from an ingrown hair, sweating, sitting too long to a genetic pilonidal dimple. Whatever the reason may be these guys can be itchy, painful, swollen and red. They can also form in the armpit, navel or on the genitals. What’s crazy about pilonidal cysts is that they consist of hair. The man in the video today has an incision made and the doctor removes the hair trapped within. I have never seen this much hair come out before and I’ve seen a lot of these procedures. The guy’s ass is like a shower drain that belongs to Rapunzel whose lazy ass hasn’t cleaned it in months. Getting rid of the hair around that area is believed to help prevent future ones. So boys and girls, make sure to head to your local wax salon and ask for a Brazilian 😀

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45 thoughts on “Butt Cyst Surprise

    • The last time I had a Brazilian wax on my ass it removed everything. Tore the follicles right outta my skin. Now I just stick with the Venezuelan wax.

  1. That’s one hairy ass dude! I’m sad to say this is yet another thing I have had. I’m not hairy, and the Dr never showed me what he pulled out. I decided to try and be sexy and wear thongs, and I think it may have had to do with mine. Not sure though. It turned into a fistula – tunnel with two openings – that was about 1½ long. He ended up having to cut from opening to opening to find the “thing” in there. Took about an hour. Then I had to have my now husband pack it with iodine strips daily to so it could heal from the inside out. It sucked, obviously. It hurt to sit, and I would be limping around the grocery store and people would ask me what’s wrong with my leg. I wanted to cry from the embarrassment of telling them what was really going on.

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