Our 1000th Post!!!!

Our 1000th Post!!!!

First, I just want to say that it should be @yournextexgirl making this post because she does so much for the site but she’s currently in a Taco Bell coma and doctors are trying to save the food baby. I can’t believe we’re already at 1000 posts! It’s incredible how far this site has come and I think I speak for all of us mods when I say we never expected it to be this successful. There was always that hope but it’s never a guarantee. We started this site less than 2 years ago and all we ever wanted was a fun place to hang out to watch/discuss gore and I’m so thankful to see those dreams realized. Let’s be real, this site wouldn’t be possible without Nextie working so hard behind the scenes and being a smart hoe who knows computer stuff while I just nod my head as she discusses it understanding absolutely nothing and zoning out daydreaming of McDonald’s. Between that and posting a ton of shit I think she deserves a lifetime supply of burritos. And of course there’s monster @obli who’s been a long time writer of gore and I think a big reason why we got so many members over here because people love his posts so much. He’s been a nonstop poster and kept this site going since day one. We can’t forget the incredible @mrspink who supplies us with so much gore it’s starting to come out of my ears. She’s always had amazing content to share and I’m so grateful we were able to get in contact with her and she’s helped the site so much with her dedication to finding awesome gore. Finally, and most importantly, is a big thank you to all of you! Whether you’ve been here from the first post or you’re fresher than a newborn baby we appreciate all of you for being a part of RGM. Without you guys this place would be boring as hell because our members make the site fun and exciting and it really feels like a family. I’m sure that sounds crazy to outsiders but it’s true. You guys are the best and I’m so grateful to everyone that is a part of this site and I hope we have a long future ahead of us together!

Now this post wouldn’t be complete without some gore so we have a video of a man who’s torn to pieces. I’m not an expert but I don’t think he made it. Happy New Year everyone! Be safe and have fun! I have really exciting plans: hanging out with my cats, binge eating and watching Netflix. See you all in 2018.

Thank you Pinky!

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  1. A great job you’ve all done here! @yournextexgirl Just received all the Taco Bell food that I’ve owed her over the last year, sorry, I didn’t think you’d end up in the hospital because of it ? 🙁
    Keep up the great work y’all, I’m fixing to watch some crazy idiots light up a bunch of fireworks. Oh ya, Happy New Year!

        • Cypress Park, right next to Highland Park. Dodger stadium is my southern view. There was some gunfire but it has lessened, like you said. Or maybe drowned out by the huge ass mortars they/we get now.

  2. A drunken shout out to my brethren and cistern Goreians. Have a happy and SAFE New Years because I don’t want to see you gracing these pages with your innards and brains on the roadways. Thanks for giving me the relief that I’m not the only person out here who loves the nasty, forbidden, and violence the world gives us whether we want it or not. Hiding from it, censoring it, does the world no favors. Peace and Gore to all my fellow travelers…

  3. Wow 1,000 posts! Can’t thank you all enough for all that you put into this site, not just the mods, but the members too. I would truly be a different person without gore, or even here at all. Thank you!

    • (of course) Many thanks due to @obli , @deadohiosky , @yournextexgirl , @littlefoot , @staciejaxx , & @gorycory for putting together and maintaining this great site.
      It is, a VERY time, resource, and emotion draining endevour for you all – but heartening to see how well those sacrifices have paid off.
      IVE SAID IT BEFORE,publically & privately – but i’ll say it again (for the 1st..but not last time in 2018)….
      ….All members, lurkers, and valued casual vistors to RGM… please acknowledge that the “big 6” definitely have become a “lucky 7”, when we all recognize the relentless work of @mrspink in making this site the success that it is today.
      Here is to the next millenium of posts!
      As always, my best & most sincere regards to you all – @karmen40

      Oh, & P.S…. dont think that ive forgotten YOU, @re-pete !

      • @karmen40
        Why thank you kind sir. I promise you, your kind words and heart felt sentiment are GREATLY appreciated, especially by those that literally pour their heart and soul into this site. They know who they are! These days I’m more of moral support but maybe this year i can be of more help. And thank you SO MUCH for mentioning @re-pete (and his special skill set), and our lovely gore queen @mrspink for her never-ending content contributions!

  4. … Every member of RGM, the tall and the small,
    Were commenting! Without any censorship at all!

    They couldn’t stop our gore from coming!
    It came!
    With this labor of love,
    It came just the same!

    And what happened then?

    Well, in Rigoremortis they say,
    That their post count grew to
    One thousand that day!

    And the second that happened,
    Their future shone bright!
    They produced still more gore,
    On each day and each night.
    They resumed Tag That Image!
    And last, but not least,

    They’ve made RGM great!
    And the sheep are still fleeced!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Yeah, Happy New Years to all and congrats for making Rigoremortis a comfy place to visit. I recall it as an emotional time for all involved. Thanks for doing it for us @yournextexgirl, @littlefoot, @obli, @staciejaxx and … @deadohiosky (of whom we never hear from anymore). Thanks Ms. Pink. Thanks as well to all the commenters here who make the posts interesting and sometimes crack me up with the thoughtful, humorous possibilities and observations. I ate too much and drank too much and fell asleep early. So, I’m late. Luv Ya all.

        • I have no idea what could’ve had to him. I don’t remember him being like fed up, irritated, sick, or anything. I can’t imagine him doing anything to get locked up. I think I know now how everyone feels when I’m gone for a long time ?. Not cool

          • @trainwreck Sometimes (as you, I, and most of us know) IRL shit really jumps upon us.
            Now, im not saying that I KNOW that this is what has happened with DOS… but its a possibility. Our Joyous proxy lives can be really disrupted when RL gets involved (that god-damned RL!!)
            And – on the flip side – sometimes people just need a good long break from the proxy life… for whatever reason. Our “id” is an enigmatic, unpredictable, and strange beast.
            Eitherway, i hope DOS is doing OK.
            You too @trainwreck – happy new year.

          • @karmen40 You’re absolutely right and of course something it’s occurring like real life…. I know I do the very same thing… But I’m working on that. I’m here, I’ll be here and I’ll stay here because I don’t have an excuse usually.

            He will turn up eventually same with broke back

            I’m doing a ok babe Happy New Year too! Another 365 days to fuck up YAY

  6. 1000 posts already! I remember when the site first started with just a few member and now it’s grown so much and thanks to the mods and everyone who has made it such a success, you deserve all the credit you are getting. Happy New Year and stay safe and warm from Gunky x

  7. @littlefoot I think my main squeeze, @yournextexgirl needs to terminate our baby into the nearest commode. As far as this site, great job to all the mods. The site that RGM spaunded from has gone south, fast, in the past 1000th posts. Thankfully I was given a heads up about this site. Down to earth people here and I’m glad for it. This site is still second on my shortcut list to my home page here:

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