Crowd Beats Child Traffickers In China

I hope everyone had a good holiday with whatever you may have celebrated. I’ve been a little slow and slacking on posts lately.. I’m still in the Christmas fog I guess. Thank sweet baby Jesus for @LittleFoot and @Obli for keeping us happy. Anywho, today we have some child traffickers from China getting a little payback from a crowd of people. The traffickers were caught after several children in a nearby village went missing and turned up frozen in a truck that the men were driving. The child traffickers froze the children to preserve their organs so they could trade them on the black market. Apparently, the woman removing ice from the little boy is his mother.

The illegal organ trade in China has become an epidemic over the last few years, pulling in at least a billion dollars a year. Tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed and their organs harvested for illegal trade. Many of them being children and political prisoners. There was a documentary made called Human Harvest a couple years ago, and I suggest watching it because it is extremely interesting.

40 thoughts on “Crowd Beats Child Traffickers In China

  1. Shit..did i just see the asian version of the hunchback of notre dame?! Did you see the bump on that woman’s back? Wtf was that? And ya know guys, here’s a question; would any of you take an organ from a child in order to save your loved one?!

  2. If this was Brazil, those trafficker guys would have already been sliced and diced on the dirt and ready for disposal in a nearby… or faraway swamp.

  3. Hey the mother fucker’s are dam lucky..the quarry the villagers had the trafficker’s in had the ideal rocks & bolders for a GRAND OLD STONING with varying sizes of weapons ?.. fucking polystyrene coffins & ice ..well fuck me if there ain’t a new Mc Donalds opening up close to the action .. getting its delivery..chuckle
    Poor man’s cryogenic’s

  4. There is no punishment you can give these pieces of shit for this. Whatever idea you come up with, they deserve worse. I hope God is real so that one day they have to stand in front of Him and explain all this.

    “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Hebrews 10:31

    Good luck to those assholes if they have to face this outcome.

  5. The real issue everywhere is crimes paying and no one is doing anything to stop it. I say shoot on site. No judge, jury, trial…you’re done.

    These fucktard politicians here in (Beaver Country @re-pete ?) have made it so that no matter if they catch the person stealing the car, see them driving the stolen car the thief still has to confess to doing it for charges to be filed. I fucking shit you not it’s unbelievable

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