Guy Split In Half But How?

Guy Split In Half But How?

So if you haven’t figured it out by the title I’m confused as hell on this post. This is embarrassing but it literally took me about 15 minutes just to come up with a title because I was so lost. I believe this happened in Brazil based on the police uniforms and the rumor is that it was a potential suicide but I’m trying to figure out how he ended up like this if that’s true. @yournextexgirl and I discussed this video for a bit because some things seem off. If it was a suicide then most likely this man jumped from the building and landed on the railing which is slightly bent however it’s such a clean cut and the railing doesn’t look nearly bent enough from someone falling with enough impact to be sliced in half. The position of the upper body could be explained by it spinning around after the hit but I don’t see any blood on the rail either. Maybe I’m completely overthinking this or perhaps there’s more to the story? I tried to find more information on this but no luck. Feel free to throw out your theories or tell me I’m a crazy wannabe detective…but then buy me ice cream because my feelings will be hurt 🙁

Thank you to our pinky for the bloody video!

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  1. Its gotta be suicide. That rail seems to point to suicide. I mean it is bent and i can see blood on it. So he mustve been in a very tall building to be sliced in half by the railing. I mean iyou gotta be in a tall building to reach such a high speed fast to enough to be sliced in half by a fucking round railing.

  2. It’s possible that what DerKop and Teddy Bear said was right!
    His upper torso did a complete 180 after hitting the rail, making his head hit the corner of the wall causing that flap on his forehead.
    I’m sure there is some yellow innard sauce or blood on that rail, in case you were doubting he even hit it. It’s tough to tell because of the angle and lighting.

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