Brazilian Girl Deadified by Decapitation

The headless body of a young woman was found on Christmas morning in Conjunto Palmeiras, State of Ceará, Brazil. The murder occurred in Avenida Catolé, an area well-known for it’s gang-related violence. The person(s) responsible for the woman’s death haven’t been identified and it is unknown whether or not she had any involvement in gangs or drugs.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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17 thoughts on “Brazilian Girl Deadified by Decapitation

  1. Theory: Her Christmas tree burned down with all the presents under it and she lost her head.
    Opinion: She was cuter with her head on.
    Fact : She dead ?

      • @re-pete it’s just my observation as usual. I saw a post early on in the week as I was scrolling through her FB…seen that she tagged “her love” thanking him and showing off what he bought her. So on that note I clicked the name and looked at his profile. He had posted after the day she died smiling and looking like a chipper dude. Who the hell knows really

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