Guy With Pulsing Brain Exposed

Ho Ho Ho, Obli Claus has reached into his bulging sack and has a gift of gore for all the good boys and gorls.

Our video here shows a man who had survived an accident or maybe an attack of some kind. His skull cap has been removed and you can see the pulsating brain inside. Surprisingly he is not only conscious, but talking to a group of people. I don’t know what is being said but I swear I heard someone say “shut up, uncle” lol. Pretty cool injury and I’m tempted to poke my finger in there.

Thanks, Pinky!

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59 thoughts on “Guy With Pulsing Brain Exposed

  1. When a trepination goes bad. — it also looks like some Da Silva on a motorbike used his head as a place to do a burnout. —- I wonder if he took a deep breath and held it if his brain would bulge out the top. I hope he doesn’t have any sharp
    edges on his brain otherwise it could be like a cheese grater up there just whittling away at him.

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