Retro Gore: Christine Shürrer Murders Two Children with a Hammer

Retro Gore: Christine Shürrer Murders Two Children with a Hammer

In 2008, a psycho German bitch, Christine Shürrer, brutally murdered two toddlers and attempted to kill the mother of the two children, Emma Jangestig, with 15 blows to the head with a hammer.

Torgny Hellgren, the boyfriend of Emma Jangestig, had previously had a sexual relationship with Christine in 2006 while visiting Crete where she had been working at a local hostel. She became obsessed with him and managed to track him down in Sweden where he was staying with Emma and her two children from a previous marriage. Christine attacked Emma with a hammer and after striking her in the head 15 times, she turned on and then butchered 3-year-old Max and 1-year-old Saga with the same hammer before fleeing. The father of the children, Niklas Jangestig, was actually arrested and held on suspicion of murder initially until Emma identified Christine as the murderer.

The motive behind the murders has been cited as jealousy and the now 41-year-old Christine is serving a life sentence. Jesus Christ, I can’t imagine the D was that good that it’d make a chick kill over it haha. But all joking aside, I hope this bitch has been getting hammered herself daily by all the bull dykes in that prison.

Anyone have any stalker stories they wanna share with the community?

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  1. My ex chased me with scissors. Hunted me down at a hotel I was at with my own Glock 40 cal. She also spiked my drink with sleeping pills to keep me from going out with my buddies. Lastly, sh killed a neighbor cat, cut out his eye and injected it with cleaning solution. Left the eye in a cup on my kitchen counter for me to see. I thought it was a joke or a gag from a gag shop. So I asked her where the rest of the cat was. She told me it was in the dumpster in a plastic garbage bag. So I looked for and found the bag and opened it up. Sure enough, the body of a dead, wet cat with a missing eye was in there. She was always a very jealous bitch, who I should have left alone long before. But I didn’t because she was a single mom and I was her only source of income for her and her kid. Yes, I was an IDIOT for still trying to help her, but eventually I was able to get away from her and ended up marrying a mentally stable woman with a good heart. Best thing that ever happened to me.

    I advise all guys who have relationships with females like that to run for the hills at the first sign of erratic behavior. She obviously had some serious mental health issues.

  2. Earlier this year I went on two dates with a girl, after she left my house I didn’t see my brother’s cat for a week. We searched the neighbourhood, checked various websites and made posters to try to find her but no positive results. My brother reluctantly suggested to me that he had a feeling that this girl may have taken our cat and although I didn’t want to believe it I told him I would look into it. Since I had been to her house previously and she lived less than four blocks away I looked up local bands that were playing that weekend and went to her house claiming that I had tickets to a show and hadn’t seen them since the night I had been at her house. She wasn’t home at the time and her roommate let me in to look for them. They seemed anxious while I was there but there was no sign of my cat. Strangely enough though, while I was gone my brother was on our back porch having a smoke and heard her meowing from half a block away and she came bolting into the yard as fast as she could. Not really at the kind of pace one might expect after she was out on a feline adventure, sort of more like she had just escaped from somewhere. I texted the girl and told her that the bad news was I lost some band tickets but my cat had finally come home. She took two days to send back an awkwardly worded reply and implied that she was angry I had been in her house without her. Today we are best friends…not really. If she shows up at my house again Rigoremortis will receive a video of a psycho bitch getting punched in the mouth.

      • @re-pete
        Lmao luckily nothing too crazy although one time I was driving down the highway and this car was driving right next to me for like 5-7 miles. Every time I sped up, they sped up and every time I slowed down they slowed down. Finally they honked and I turned to look at them and it was some dude giving me a wassup head nod and I just flipped him off. Not sure what other reaction he was expecting when he creeped me out like that ??

  3. She laughed off and on throughout the entire trial….she gave no fucks. I’d say hang the bitch but she got life but her sentence could be commuted to 10-15 yrs. She’s like the fourth woman ever to be given a life sentence in that country. I did a lot of reading last night ?

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