Motorcyclist Does The Twist And Shout

Motorcyclist Does The Twist And Shout

It’s almost Christmas and since we’re all probably on the naughty list might as well watch some more gore. Not sure of the location but a man was involved in a motorcycle accident. The good news is he was wearing a helmet so his head is fine, the bad news is it didn’t do shit for his leg. Not only is the bone sticking out of his right knee but the entire leg is completely twisted around with his foot facing his head. He could literally suck his own toes without even bending over. He’s understandably screaming like a bitch but other than the slight problem of his leg going the wrong way he looks just fine! I don’t think he’ll be running any marathons soon but he’s one step closer to becoming a professional contortionist.

Thank you to our Ho Ho Ho @mrspink

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  1. He kept going but his leg stayed with the bike for a while. The guy trying to stabilize his neck is a first for me from Brazil. Must not have had his cam phone on him. Prioritizing.

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