Suicidal Girl Cuts Her Bottom Lip Off On Facebook Live

Dis crazy bitch. I know most of us have all faced depression or real sadness at some point or another. And a lot of us have considered or even attempted suicide.. including me, but never have I ever wanted to get on Facebook Live and tell people, “I am going to commit suicide.. but first.. I am going to cut my lip off and let you guys watch!” But this chick did. She got in the bathtub and proceeded to cut her bottom lip off(not shown in the video.. only aftermath). I got conflicting info on where this girl is from. Some sources said Atlanta, GA and others said NY. Either way.. she is from the US. Apparently, after she cut her lip off she had second thoughts about the suicide and changed her mind. I’m still trying to find more info on this.. so if I do, I’ll update it.

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31 thoughts on “Suicidal Girl Cuts Her Bottom Lip Off On Facebook Live

  1. Damn… There’s definitely a lot of drama with this one. With nice fingernails like that, disfiguring herself must be about the biggest cry for help she could come up with. Hopefully someone didn’t make fun of the way her lips looked and she took it to this extreme… It seems a lot of the younger people share too much of themselves these days and get a lot of, perhaps, unwanted sharing, responses back. Fuck Facebook.

    • @camilo.
      I think you’re right! Now she’s probably gonna cut her upper lip off now! Then she’ll really be talking funny!
      Actually I truly hope they can re-attach that lip successfully and also hope everything turns out
      well for her ?

  2. I feel so sorry for her! She must have schizophrenia or, idk, some psychosis or other. It sucks when a few moments of doing some stupid shit can change your whole life. Unless this whole thing brought about her getting the help she needs.

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