Rescuers Fail To Save Suicidal Man

It’s almost Christmas!! I don’t know what you guys want Santa to bring you, but if I don’t get that cotton candy candle I’ve been wanting for months.. I’m gonna be pissed. Anywho, this guy won’t be getting anything from Santa… maybe Satan but not Santa. Somewhere in Peru a man decided he wanted to end his life, so he climbed to nearly the top of a 14-storey building and planned to jump. People around saw the man and realized what he was about to do and called for help. Rescuers went to the roof and sent a man in a harness down to rescue the man. The rescuer had a hold of the man and I don’t know if he lost his grip or if the suicidal man fought him, but he fell to his death.. screaming the entire way down. Judging by that scream, something tells me he may have changed his mind, but it was too late.

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11 thoughts on “Rescuers Fail To Save Suicidal Man

    • I’ll bet the rescue worker dislocated his shoulder or hurt it pretty bad!
      It seems like an awkward positing to have your shoulder yanked carrying that kind of weight!
      Take it from someone who has a bad rotator cuff. That shit hurts if weight hits it at the wrong angle.

  1. That was just the window washer guy, trying to get his job done. Some assholes come in and trip him up. I would be screaming too. Fuckers… Ps. Wile E. Coyote has some competition here.

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