Guy Gets A Woody

When guys talk about having morning wood.. I am pretty sure this is not what they mean. This poor unfortunate dude somehow was impaled through the balls by a long ass stick of wood. The wooden rod went through his testicles and out through his chest. He was immediately taken into surgery to have it removed. Hopefully, the man is now recovering and all his junk is still intact.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

ALSO: I also updated this post with a new photo.

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37 thoughts on “Guy Gets A Woody

  1. I’m so mean….. I immediately started imagining this happening to someone I don’t like….. no, not you, not you either but maybe THAT person…..
    Notice how the beeping noise gets faster? That’s the patients heart rate…. he feels what they are doing there…. just with anesthesia he won’t remember it later.

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