Brazilian Butch Gets Several Neck Chops With Machete

I couldn’t tell if this was a dude or a chick at first until I realized she is wearing a sports bra. Barely any titties, but it’s a bra. No info on why she is getting killed but she receives several neck chops with a machete as an attempt to behead her. The video is super short, but hopefully after it ended they did better than the little wannabe gangster bitches’ lame attempt at a beheading from the other day.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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26 thoughts on “Brazilian Butch Gets Several Neck Chops With Machete

  1. What is wrong with these fucks! Im still old fashioned enough to feel sorry for women even if this one looks like a man.
    What could she have done to merit this?
    Rape babies? Even then why couldn’t they just string her up or shave her head,parade her and shoot her against a wall?

  2. If someone was going to kill me, I’d fight till the end. Her hands were not bound, so I would still be fighting off anything. Not that she would ultimately win, but at least go down fighting.

    I wonder if too much vajj licking causes this type of acceptance? I better wean off cooter if this is what I have to look forward to.

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