Allahu Akbar Behanding

Allahu Akbar Behanding

It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve had anything from Allahu land and today we have two men being punished in typical middle eastern style. There’s not much information on this one but I’m assuming these guys were accused of theft as this is a common punishment for stealing. Unwashed bearded man gives a short speech which thank fucking Jesus for that because we know how they love to rant. Both men are blindfolded and the first has a big stick tied to his arm…I guess that’s so people can hold him in place? The second guy just has his arm across the tree trunk and both have their right hand chopped off. One man in the crowd decides to help by pointing where the blade should slice…thanks buddy because I’m sure these men have never cut off a hand before, you really contributed. And of course this video would not be complete without some annoying chanting. Do they always go for the right hand? What if he’s a lefty?

Thank you to the awesome Pinky! And thank you nextie for this title that thoroughly tickled my funny bone.

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  1. I’m not sure these particular guys have actually done this before @littlefoot
    That awkward silence and pause after the initial chant followed by a brief discussion about the best location to chop, THEN getting the machete stuck in the log while they clumsily struggle to get it loose…if these are the professionals, they’re in deep trouble ???

  2. I wonder the obvious: What happens to the hands afterwards? Like the penises and balls that the Mexicans cut off – given away as trophies to someone in the crowd? Okay. There are people who collect penises. But I’ve never met anyone who collects human hands.

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