Las Vegas Accident Kills Three Pedestrians

Happy Monday, people. We’ve got some US gore today! It’s such a rarity.. which is weird since most of us have our phones in our hands 99.9% of the time. On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, around 3:15pm.. 31-year-old Daniel Becker, was driving his Ford Expedition on Eastern Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada.. when he caused an accident that killed three pedestrians. Becker was driving down Eastern Avenue and rear-ended a car, he then fled and hit another vehicle north of Flamingo Road, crossing the median and hitting three pedestrians. All three pedestrians were dead on the scene. He then continued south and hit three more vehicles and damaged several more. In total, a dozen vehicles were damaged and three lives taken because of some idiot. Police have said he was impaired at the time of the accident. Those killed were a 49-year-old mother, Carrie Williams-Smith, her 19-year-old daughter, Jazzy Smith, and a 69-year-old. Another 26-year-old woman is in critical condition. All were from Las Vegas. Becker was charged with several counts of DUI above the legal limit and reckless driving resulting in death. He is due in court this morning.

Thanks to @gorycory for the video!

24 thoughts on “Las Vegas Accident Kills Three Pedestrians

    • @re-pete
      Aw, come on Pete, he’s clearly freaking the fuck out ?
      “She’s dead already?!” ? “The HEAD over there over there?” ? “There’s a HEAD?”? “WTF, woah!” ? “Woah!” ? “Holy fucking shit!” ??
      “It’s like fucking a cartoon and shit” “Nobody gots a blanket?”
      (Yeah let me just pull one outta my back pocket haha! Cuz I always carry a blanket with me in the streets of Vegas lol! This guy can’t believe what he’s seeing!?)
      But it’s true guys… you can die at any moment. So drive safe, and WALK safe too. RIP pedestrian citizens of Las Vegas ?

      • @gorycory
        Don’t forget “Fuck eh”!
        I’m surprised he didn’t say “guey”, “mames” or “homie”.
        He did say “dawg” though…

        Not sure if it was wise to show his face while filming a crime seen.
        I’d just whisper and then send that shit in anonymously.

        • @re-pete
          Haha that’s true?
          But you know he had to get his face in there so his homies can go, “shit dawg, das you on da fucking internet bro!” He’s a local celebrity now lol
          I woulda lost my shit if he woulda gone, “This is Jose Luis Antonio Garcia-Garcia reporting to you live from the streets of Las Vegas: Damn dawg, 3 broads just got killed! This shit is sick homie!”

          • @gorycory.
            He would’ve never said “reporting to you live from the streets of Vegas”, he would’ve said:

            “Hey foo, this is Jose Pancho Luis Antonio Banderas Garcia- Garcia over here checking out this shit live in Vegas ehh, ah shit dawg”.

  1. Gawd dammit!… 😆 So the guy had a panic attack, that caused him to flee, hit some more cars, had more panic attack, murdered 3 people, panic attack overload! Hit some more cars, panic attacks of panic attacks… 😆

    Did his car had blades on it or something? How did it ripped a person in half with it? Also i think i heard someone saying “Alah snackbar” in the background there…

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