Instructional Video For Guys On How To Make Your Voices Higher

Hey boys.. do any of you wanna make your voice a couple pitches higher? All you need is a hammer and… well, your balls. Giant titties will help too. Just like this smart man here. He is standing naked in his kitchen with his balls all tied up, he then takes a hammer and whacks them several times. I’m not sure if this is out of sexual pleasure or he wanted his 3 and 1/2 minutes of internet fame but I’ve seen people do some stupid shit for both reasons. I don’t have any balls but I can imagine that if I did.. I would be very gentle with them. I might pull an Al Bundy and have my hand in my pants all the time, but I definitely wouldn’t take a damn hammer to them! Take care of your junk, boys.

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44 thoughts on “Instructional Video For Guys On How To Make Your Voices Higher

  1. There was scene just like this edited out of the original Rocky’s training montage. I think it was after he drank the raw egg. Don’t believe me, play Gonna Fly Now while watching this.

  2. He’s doing it wrong. The safest way of getting rid of a hyperactive sex drive is (other than being married to an ugly lesbian) to go to a doctor and have them cut off. Surgeons do that these days. There’s a whole social movement happening for transsexuals these days as well.

  3. I thought he was holding his dick head, I was like wow what a big fat head, then I realized it was his balls lol

    If he wants to bust a nut so bad he just needs to contact the swedish faggot from the other site hehe

  4. I can’t begin to imagine the pain. Sometime I cross my legs and they get a little squeeze and I’m rolling on the floor. Just a flick to the nuts is damned painful but a hammer? My fucking eyes are almost watering. Can’t imagine it…..don’t want to imagi…..oh hell….I need to go watch someone being beheaded or something to take my mind off this.

    It’s true what they say, ya know? If you get into a fight, the first one to kick the other in the nuts always wins!

    • Ahhaha, Lady Kenmore. It goes with the moobs on this puss. If he generated himself a stomach ache, it’d take a while to work it’s way through the blubber. Just wait if mom ever catches him doing that shit in her kitchen!

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