Ass Abscess Drained

Ass Abscess Drained

Another happy Monday to all of you gore lovers! Today we have a patient who has a giant abscess on their booty cheek that needs some draining. I’m always amazed at how much nasty shit our bodies can hold inside. The doc starts with a small needle to aspirate some of the fluid out to send for tests I assume then he makes an incision to get the rest of the pus out. Nasty goop flows out filling the container and looks like it has the consistency of melted ice cream although I wouldn’t recommend eating. Abscesses are very painful and in this particular location I’m sure the guy could barely sit down. He’s gotta be feeling a hell of a lot better after having all of that removed.

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32 thoughts on “Ass Abscess Drained

  1. THAT’S a guy’s ass??? I’ve got more hair on my THUMB than he does on his entire ass!
    Well it’s only 3 hairs and only on my left thumb for some reason, but still more than this ass. I would say its probably a girl’s butt, but then Nextie will accuse me of getting turned on by a man’s ass so…. Im just gonna say the nurses probably shaved him. @yournextexgirl

  2. I had an ass abscess about 4 years ago. The doctor tried 4 times to get the pain shots to work, but they never did so I had to have the who procedure done without pain meds. I was seeing stars in my eyes and I was trying really hard not to pass out. I have an immune issue which makes me susceptible to abscesses. To date i’ve had 2 under each arm, one on my eyebrow, one on my ass cheek. No more please they are extremely painful. Being on the ass makes it impossible to dress the wound so I had to keep going into the doctor every 2 days to have mine redressed.

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