Brazilian Guy Shot In The Head

Brazilian Guy Shot In The Head

In Florianópolis, Brazil a young guy who was part of the faction was murdered. We all know how the drug gangs run rampant down there and this is just one of many victims. The man has already been shot in the head and a pool of blood flows all around him. He’s not quite dead as his body twitches so one of the men decides to shoot him three more times again in the head and amazingly he still doesn’t die. We hear his body struggling to take in its last breaths which sounds like he’s snoring. Finally, his killers drag his body away and as if his head isn’t injured enough he hits it fairly hard on the concrete. On the bright side, he picked the right colored flip flops as they match his blood perfectly.

Thank you pinky!!

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19 thoughts on “Brazilian Guy Shot In The Head

  1. In Brazil Bullets come cheaper than spuds . So emptying a chamber full of them is whole lot of fun.
    Gangs and their rivalry go hand in hand so if some one is part of the gansta paradise then one has gotta to be prepared to die like a rabid dog .

  2. He was shot for being a PCC (They call it “PCCu” ( = PCAss) 😆 ) sympathizer just because they took a picture with one of the members… Poor guy probably didnt even know that his “friend” was part of a gang, but they didnt wanted to take that risk anyways. 😀 You’re guilty until proven innocent in Brazil, and you can only be proven innocent when you’re dead.

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