Man Loses Face In Motorcycle Crash

Man Loses Face In Motorcycle Crash

Not sure where this happened, I’m guessing Brazil as usual but maybe our Portuguese buddies can clear that up for me. Two guys were on their motorcycles and it looks like this was suppose to be a race between them however they failed to notice the blaring white car in the middle of the road. The cameraman is pretty shaky but in order to avoid hitting the car they collided with one another and went skidding across the pavement. The guy videoing the event did a shitty job of the actual crash but made up for it in the aftermath because we get a nice view of a rider’s face which is completely peeled off and dangling on the side of his head. At first he sits there in what I’m sure is shock and even shakes his head trying to flick off what he probably doesn’t realize is his face. Then, he reaches for his flappy skin and tries to pull it off. I’m not sure why this is a thing but we’ve seen it before in another video of someone losing their face and they make attempts to remove it. The doctors are gonna have a fun time putting that back on.

Update: this happened in Fantino, Sanchez Ramirez, Dominican Republic

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27 thoughts on “Man Loses Face In Motorcycle Crash

  1. The cars just did what he desired . He wanted all that bloody lard hanging off his face and around these days of winter it kinda looks fashionable being double skinned too .
    So while he is gonna make utterances the lips are gonna drool and the double skin he wears now is gonna be shifty and is gonna look cool .
    Who the fuck had told him to come to the main road being that reckless and be such a fool .

  2. This reminds me of the Vietnamese police guy who got cut in half and wouldn’t stop picking at his… wound? It makes me think they’re in too much shock to feel paid but they can still feel discomfort. This dude is probably like, “What’s this stuck to my face?” *tries to shake it off* “Oh, it’s my face.”

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