Man Gets Beaten With Boards

Man Gets Beaten With Boards

I don’t really have any information but this guy did something to piss these men off. They’re wearing bullet proof vests and I hear a radio in the background so I don’t know if they’re cops or not. Chances are it’s drug related or perhaps he’s been accused of theft or rape. The men strip him down and handcuff his hands behind his back then take turns using thick boards to smack the shit out of his ass. Another takes the opportunity to kick his face a few times while he cries out in pain. You can see his ass turn bright pink and the face kicking guy takes off a necklace of some sort and tries to whip the man although I’m not sure he even notices. It’s pretty funny watching him wind up to give the guy a little ‘boop’ on the back while the rest are actually doing damage with their hits. Eventually they make the guy stand up for his beating and we can see his injuries a lot better. Besides his ass he’s got huge marks on his arms and back and when we see his face he’s bleeding from the mouth/nose probably from being kicked. Towards the end he has a gun pointed to his head but they don’t pull the trigger. I’m not sure if they kill him later but if not he’s lucky that they only beat his ass to a pulp. Any translation would be appreciated 🙂

Thank you to the amazing Pinky

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68 thoughts on “Man Gets Beaten With Boards

  1. Mentioning a guy’s ass ONCE is normal for you @littlefoot. Saying it TWICE was kinda understandable considering the content of this video. The THIRD time became a little suspicious! When you mentioned it the FOURTH TIME, it made it clear to me that there was a high probability that this video found its way into your “private” collection for ahem…. future reference!

  2. Couldnt understand much, but they were speaking spanish, told him to “shut up” at the begining, and asked him to say “why did this happened to you.” something about his wife or something… domestic abuse? 😀

    EDIT: Oh nvm, didnt saw Camilo’s comment. Domestic abuse confirmed. 😆

  3. He OBVIOUSLY hired these sadists for his own masochistic pleasure… looks like he shot his load all over the front of his underwear, no homo ?
    Seriously tho, I’ve never hit a woman, but after being beat like that, i know I’d never do it again ?

    • There are Members of Parliament in this country that pay good money to be treated like this. There’s often a long queue at the Madame Whipurass residence.

  4. You might think this is gay, but no, a group of excited men standing around with their woodies and guns in hand, slapping the shit out of some guy’s bare ass until it turns purple….. not gay at all…..?️‍?

  5. @gorycory
    Oddly enough, my first comment over there was to Littlefoot’s “Raped in the eye socket” comment, which happened to be exactly one month later (Jan 16th) according to my activation email that I never deleted.

    And I also remember that Trainwreck was the first to ever comment to me.
    I mean who could ever forget when a picture of a hot red head replies to them? Those were the best days in the comment sections by far.

    Well Cory, you both are humorous and very down to earth, and you are a good dude ? Great match, just as long as you don’t eat any of her food.
    I’m happy for the both of you 🙂

    Ok you two, @gorycory. @littlefoot.
    You shouldn’t have deleted those comments above, being that it represented something special to you(s).
    Well, I’m choosing to leave this entire comment up because what I said still stands.

    Cory, I think your “I love you @littlefoot” comment to her on this day, Dec 16th 2015,and first ever comment on that other site should be known and cemented, so Happy Anniversary!

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