RGM Member’s Friend Has His Pinky Finger Reattached After Incident With Dickhead Cops

RGM Member WastedSperm’s 22-year-old friend, John, lost his pinky when he was involved in an incident with plain clothes police officers in the North of England. WastedSperm told us that John was in a bad car crash a few years ago that left him with a brain injury causing various issues including the inability to assess risk.. which comes from the amygdala(the frontal part of the temporal lobe of the brain). John was minding his own business when two plain clothes cops decided to arrest him for whatever reason and did not identify themselves. So, not knowing what exactly was going on, only that he was being taken down by two guys, he didn’t go down easy. I didn’t get much info on exactly what happened, but during the scuffle.. John somehow lost his pinky finger and when the cops became aware of this.. they began mocking him. John was able to have his pinky reattached but doesn’t yet know if the finger will be rejected due to the extensive damage. A pin in the finger is visible in one of the photos. Apparently, the pain has been pretty intense, so we hope you are healing well, John. And thanks to WastedSperm for the sending in the pics!

UPDATE: I did get an update from WastedSperm about the incident his friend was involved in. I’m going to let him say it in his words…

John is on state benefits and the money got stopped without him becoming aware of it causing his car insurance to lapse. As John was
driving, two cops in plain clothes and plain car pulled him over and dragged him forcibly out where he resisted. John says he wasn’t aware of them being police nor that he was being arrested only that he was set upon. To bring him into compliance, it appears the officers bent his finger back – too far. After it was known by all people in the scuffle, the officers apparently mocked him as they were calling for backup for IPCC officers. One original officer said they would call the ambulance and after 25 minutes it was clear this didn’t happen so John called the ambulance himself. This may have helped to compromise the success of re-attachment of his finger. The officers still have not charged him.

Thank you for clarifying things, WastedSperm! What a bunch of assholes they were to your buddy.

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8 thoughts on “RGM Member’s Friend Has His Pinky Finger Reattached After Incident With Dickhead Cops

  1. Cops are still relatively OK where I live (Idaho) but I don’t trust any of them anymore – – what’s the justification of laughing at someone who you just made lose a body part? Fuckers….

  2. Don’t know if they use medical grade leeches where he lives, but if establishing a good microcirculation is an issue, Leech therapy might help here….

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