Man In Yellow Shirt Jumps Out Of Window And Goes Splat

Man In Yellow Shirt Jumps Out Of Window And Goes Splat

In Divinópolis, Brazil a man decided to end his life by jumping out of a window. He must’ve been there for a while as a crowd had gathered and an ambulance was already on the scene. Without any real warning he swings his leg over and lands hard on the ground. The older man closest to the scene has a ‘fuck this shit’ face and walks away. A couple of men go to inspect the body and I’m not sure what that one chick is grabbing when one of them stands up. Seems like an inappropriate time to get busy. At least this guy wasn’t a total idiot and jumped from a window high enough to kill himself.

Thanks to @mrspink

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64 thoughts on “Man In Yellow Shirt Jumps Out Of Window And Goes Splat

  1. Looks like the girl doing the grabbing is asking for and then grabbing some latex gloves for protection. But it could also be a romantic moment for her and she got really horny.

  2. Hahahaha people ! people !!
    I never knew the bugs on a high rise building on a window can jump wearing jeans & polos and hit the deck so hard .
    Quite the scene when ya expect the rescue operation getting launched with the fire brigade in place but that doesn’t happen cause its Brazil after all.
    i think the guy was in two minds as to SHOULD I or SHOULD I NOT but he kept his promise to the devil

  3. MALE: Aww shit, my dick popped out again… ma’am can you stuff it back in?
    It’s an emergency!

    FEMALE: Yes, of course kind sir. Do you swing it left or right?
    @littlefoot we sure have had an influx of helpful Asians lately ?

  4. The white haired guy is thinking, “Stupid fuck wastes his life, here I am trying to stay alive a while longer…. he should have transfered his time to me….”

  5. Gravity accelerates the dead weight of a Brazilian to the ground at a rate of 9.8 meters per second for every second the Brazilian falls ( until terminal velocity for a Brazilian is reached). I timed his fall at 1.9 seconds = 18.6 meters per second at impact. Catch that.

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        Saw your other comment that didn’t post, my friend. No offense to my fellow Canadians, I referred to only one in particular…. the one who thinks that if the earth is a sphere, planes flying over Australia are somehow flying upside down…

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  7. I love my RGM site, but I need to complain one second. I totally understand why watermarks are placed on videos. These said watermarks are supposed to be unobtrusive to the main product line. Why is the watermark in the middle of the splat?

    Much like a loud queef ruins the moment, that watermark ruins the moment for this well-recorded splat.

    • @joeflaccosunibrow
      The reason that watermark is used on the videos is because people were stealing our content and using them for their site. You could see where they had cropped out or blurred the old watermark so by using a moving one and having it appear during the good stuff it makes it extremely difficult to steal our gore. We tried to pick one that was faded enough to not completely ruin the video. It’s unfortunate we had to do it but it was the only way to keep our stuff here ?

      • @littlefoot like I said, I completely understand why the watermark (even the moving watermark) is used. I’m not sure how you burn it in, but could it not have been started 2 seconds later then it did? It would have allowed the visualization of the splat. Or shorten the video prior to adding the watermark?

        Regardless, the thankless job you all do is well appreciated. Please don’t let my whining deter any of you from the great job being done. If you need any help, I am willing to help.

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