Security Guard Attempts To Save Suicidal Woman But Gets Pancaked As A Result

On December 10th, a woman from Xi’an, Shaanxi, China.. was trying to commit suicide by jumping from her 11th floor apartment window when a security guard saw her getting ready to jump off the ledge. The security guard wanted to save the woman and positioned himself under her in where he thought she would hit the ground. Yes, another Chinese person wanting to help! Shocking, right? Anywho, the security guard waits and then BOOM. The woman lands on him and completely flattens him, killing both of them instantly. That’s what you get for tryin’ to help people.

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30 thoughts on “Security Guard Attempts To Save Suicidal Woman But Gets Pancaked As A Result

  1. This is very disappointing; I thought the Chinese were better at math and science than this. He should have known that a 90 pound chinaman falling at terminal velocity from 11 stories would surely generate more force than a 100 pound chinaman’s arms could bear.

  2. How foolish can one be to save someone falling from a height .The security guard was a nerd who should have realized that what he wanted to go for weren’t only the melons but a whole big chunk of living meat which the gravity was screamingly trying to brace on to and flatten down but .but then as we all know sometimes it so happens before someone’s soul departure the dead self of yours finds your soul gone

    • Ye see @staciejaxx we all get flooded with ideas during the course of the day but his idea got misfired because it wasn’t his but that of the satan and satan is
      goddamn Lucifer and then Lucifer is who ? the answer is : its me and I dunno if its if its its …………………………….you too.
      GOD BLESS pardon me if I crossed the barricade but satan did ride his arse in this case .

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