Man Beheaded With A Butter Knife

I lied. A butter knife would have cut better than this shit. No info on exactly why this dude is being beheaded. Actually.. he’s not even being beheaded, they are attempting to behead him and fail miserably. It sounds like the man doing the cutting is getting pretty frustrated when that sorry excuse for a machete doesn’t cut through shit. By the end of the video they still don’t have the head off. I hear that they’re still trying to cut the head off the guy’s body.

Thanks to @MrsPink!!

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32 thoughts on “Man Beheaded With A Butter Knife

  1. What in the blazes did he do to deserve such a fate . With a neck like that even a machete will fail . I guess the dude is a hard skinned pig out of the sty .
    Anyway the question is ——- Are the markets devoid of sharp objects on sale or the beheader was a sissy . Well nobody knows
    Whatever its a crying shame at least they could have used some cheese or butter and kept licking the blade till it lasted that would’ve tasted great laced up with his blood.
    His eyes were just like a blinded toad in bright light .

  2. I actually wanted to visit Brazil but never will now. Any gov that allows so many beheadings and wont clamp down is not worth my tourism dollars!
    I remember a video i saw that went viral of an indonesian father who had got his infant son addicted to cigarettes and alcohol.authorities found the father quick smart, gave him a sound thrashing and took child away from the family.

    Indo is one of my shit countries but they received gold star from me for that !
    What’s with these culprits; stoned vagabonds, retarded or schizophrenic neighbours or Deliverance -style rapists! See the pulled down pants?

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