Woman On Fire Runs Out Of Burning Factory

Well, this is a very rare site. People actually trying to help someone… in China. Yeah, I was shocked too. A fire broke out in a factory in Ningbo, China.. causing the entire place to be engulfed in flames. As people are standing around watching the fire, a woman comes running out, her entire body on fire. Several people rush over to her with fire extinguishers and put out the flames. The woman gets up and can still walk but is in pretty bad shape. It looks like the fire mostly burned her clothes, so it could have been a lot worse, but she will no doubt be in a lot of pain for quite awhile. Co-workers said that the woman rushed outside with everyone in the factory as soon as the fire started but ran back in to get her cell phone. Maybe she didn’t want to take the chance that someone may possibly see her internet history? I get it, I’d risk my life to prevent that too.

44 thoughts on “Woman On Fire Runs Out Of Burning Factory

  1. That’s a new style in vogue these days in China.
    Them chinkies are all for burnt up lingerie and shredded suits and stuff and now what we see here is just a mock fire drill . Their fire drills are a mix of thrills and chills. As we browse and comment this minute the woman you just saw with burnt out pants but with panties intact is gone shopping.

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