RGM Member @Fukitol Fucks His Finger Up

All I can say is… ouch. Last Sunday, RGM Member @fukitol was getting onto a roof and was standing on a ladder 10 feet up when the ladder slipped out from under him.. sending him straight to the ground. His hand got caught between the ladder and the ground and this is the result of that. I can’t imagine how painful that shit was. Thankfully, it was a finger and not a leg or neck. We hope your finger is healing well, @fukitol!! Thank you for the pics!

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44 thoughts on “RGM Member @Fukitol Fucks His Finger Up

  1. Oh shit, it’s not supposed to bend that way 😉 The old addage about most accidents occur at home. @fukitol Heal up man and hire somebody to do those dangerous jobs, your brain is too valuable to be spilling any of it 🙂

      • @fukitol Yeah I can imagine it’s going to be uncomfortable for a while…. Hopefully you haven’t missed much work because of it.

        Currently I’m watching Moral Orel ……it’s a really funny fucked up claymation series on Adult Swim. You might’ve heard of it depending on where you’re located.

          • @fukitol I see it on Netflix all the time but have never watched it. I didn’t know Tom Hardy was in it so just on that alone I’ll watch it lol. I’m into out there shows…weirder the better. Black Mirror is amazing “Shut up and Dance” ep. watch it. BTW I’ve been to Lubbock …all over Texas really. I’m in Oregon fucking hate Oregon….fuck this place seriously.

  2. @trainwreck I’ve been to Oregon I actually have family that live in Aloha. It’s a beautiful state but the people are too fucking weird for me! I love Texas, in my opinion it is the best state but us Texans have always felt that way. Austin can move to Oregon and take their fucked up views with them they pretty much think alike! I’ve never seen Black Mirror but I’ll have to check it out, I’m always looking for the next best show! I hope you have a happy new year and hope the next year is better than the last!

    • @fukitol Ah aloha never been there. You’re right the people are fucking out of their minds here. It’s like take the opposite of what you’re supposed to do and who you’re supposed to be as decent human beings and you have the typical Oregonian. Yes exactly like Austin. They’re catch phrase is keep Austin weird and Oregon’s is keep Oregon (Portland) weird. Boom. There you have it. They’re not even a cool weird either…. Not like Chicagoans where I’m from. Anyway remember Black mirror “Shut up and dance”

      Be safe this new year’s. I’m home as usual ?

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